While it is impossible to narrow down the list of the top public houses, or pubs, there are a few that stand out, both for the craftmanship of their beer recipes and their folklore.

The Rising Sun, Southampton

For hardcore beer aficionados, this pub owned by Greene King chain is for you. It was built in the late 17th century and is extremely popular with the local crowd as well as distant travellers. They serve six of the most sought-after ale brands including Ringwood Best, Abbott, Old Speckled Hen, Green King IPA, Hanson Old Trip and Hardy’s. The terrace is the perfect spot to watch the magnificent sunset over the boats…

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Big Change quite literally raced into the world when a group of over 30 friends ran the London Marathon while bound together. Their efforts brought each of them to the finish line and raised £250,000. This money went in 12 different directions, but every cent found its way to a charity for young people. Six of those runners went on to officially form Big Change, with the goal of positively impacting the world’s youngest residents…

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Charity organisations have an uphill task of fundraising for their charity programs. Well-planned fundraisers, however, help make their work significantly easy. When planning and organising for fundraising events and activities, emphasis should be placed on ensuring that the non-profit organisation appeals as much as possible to members of the public to win their support. Here are some tips that can help non-profit organisations to organise for successful fundraiser events…

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Annesley Abercorn

Based in London, Annesley Abercorn is a prominent philanthropist and Conservative patriot. To learn more, visit http://annesleyabercorn.org.uk/.

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