This subject has never been much of a favorite for me…in school as a kid I packed my own since my mom wasn’t a fan either (must be genetic!) I was the Queen of odd combos! Salami and cheese and potato chips with a pickle. Chips and dip. Cottage cheese, potato chips, and pickles. The list goes on…

When I was working it was easier to bring a lunch than go get one (odd hours or short lunch) so I resorted to hummus and chips or carrots, or eating cold meals from home. So now thinking of planning and packing a lunch instead of stopping for something else quick and exciting from somewhere else seems odd. Yet having hungry kids (constantly it seems) has made me rethink and re-examine toting tasty and healthy food or snacks along.

Today…I planned ahead. I knew we would have time on campus between appointments and could pause to eat or walk since it’s a gorgeous day!! I packed a PBJ on peasant bread (from our local Breadsmith shop), 365 pretzels, and water in the girls new Contigo water bottles.

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Ooo and on another note I’m actually loving these Contigo water bottles and their design. Pippa has no problem working it and it’s rather spill proof so far! Normally, I’m not all that into plastic water bottles like this because of all of the pieces and inability to clean the pieces well etc. So far, so good with these!!!

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Sometimes I think sandwiches are overdone…and sometimes I think they’re the most wonderfully portable things ever!!

We’ve also begun renewing our love for cheese sandwiches!! A little seedy bread, mayo, and Tillamook cheese and holy moly…heaven!!

In the end, it surely pays off to pack food and snacks for the on-the-go days and any other trips! From monitoring sugar content to being able to hand something back instantly instead of making a special stop to saving sanity to making better food choices by having something on hand, it makes a difference! It can make or break your family’s forward movement to better health, being budget friendly, and introducing a better variety to all!

Food ideas to pack:


Trail Mix (make your own!)

Nuts or Nut Mix

Rice cakes

Bars (greens bars, protein bars, clif bars, etc.)

Date Rolls

Coconut shreds (large pieces)

Crackers (get creative in the cracker aisle and grab something seedy and new!)

Dried Fruit (apricots, dates, apples, bananas, pineapple)

Fig Newmans


Easy Lunch to go items:

Hummus and veggies or pretzels

Veggie Sticks (carrots, celery, jicama, etc.)

Sandwich (PBJ, cheese, green olive/cream cheese, pimiento spread, chicken etc.)

Fruit (grapes, apples, bananas, pears, etc.)

Grape tomatoes


And this just a start to the possibilities!

Growing up we were only allowed to have water in the back seat of the car or in the living room. This not only encouraged us to drink more water but also saved so many headaches because when water spills, it is just water and will dry!! I apply this same idea today with my girls, and they are happy to drink water with every meal! We don’t purchase soda or juice for the girls really at all. Juice to them is either a fresh juice (carrot/apple, orange) or in a smoothie. For me, this leads to one less worry about their hydration, and sugar intake since so many juices seem to be laden with excess hidden unnecessary sugars.

I encourage you to pack more snacks for your family and even have a snack bag! Take it in and out of the car as you load or unload. Pop some utensils in there as well for the unknown times you just may need that spare spoon!

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