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  • Maciej Ziolkowski Satoshi.pl

    Maciej Ziolkowski Satoshi.pl

    Co-founder @Coinfirm_io I write about Blockchain and economics. #Blockchain #Ethereum #Bitcoin #KYC #AML #ETC http://www.satoshi.pl

  • Maganti Kumar

    Maganti Kumar

  • Rohit Bhat

    Rohit Bhat

    Design @cloudmagic | A Web enthusiast , curious and dissident by nature.

  • Juan Waimberg

    Juan Waimberg

  • Brian Merchant

    Brian Merchant

    Senior editor, OneZero, books, futures, fiction. Author of The One Device: The Secret History of the iPhone, founder of Terraform @ Motherboard @ VICE.

  • Tiffany Aliano

    Tiffany Aliano

    Accomplished and results-oriented professional with extensive experience in developing methodological designs and analyzing data interested in writing.

  • HostFat


    Appassionato di tecnologie rivoluzionarie.

  • Berry Groenendijk

    Berry Groenendijk

    Lid van coöperatie DOON.nu — 21e eeuwse vaardigheden, onderwijs, hackathons, makathons en een brug slaan tussen onderwijs en bedrijfsleven.

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