There is a silver lining to the COVID19 pandemic. Here is my top 10 (so far):

  • Better air quality. The air quality has improved drastically due to economies coming to a standstill and the draconic measures taken against COVID-19 by the world’s highest pollutants.
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  • CO2 emissions have gone down. Due to world economies coming to a screeching stop (the auto manufacturing industry is in total shutdown, airline industry across the world is suffering and is estimated that more than 50% or airline companies will disappear) people realise that they really don’t need a weekend away every weekend and that we…

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PyData is a conference about data analysis using Python. Progress recorded in various industries such as Finance, Sport, Tech and many other is showcased at this event to show the power of Python and specifically, the positive impact of data analytics. This weekend (May 11–12) PyData Amsterdam 2019 was held.

The talks that I thought were the most interesting were:

Robotics Tech United Eindhoven

Every day.

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Earlier this week I got a question I wasn’t able to answer immediately.

“When was the last time you took a leap of faith?”

The truth is not that I didn’t know how to answer it. I did know the answer but for some reason I got stuck thinking if that was really the last time I took a leap of faith? Could it possibly be that eight years have gone by and I don’t have any other new example?

Eight years ago I probably took the most important decision of my life: I moved to another country. Leaving my…

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I’m done with this stuff!

For as long as I can remember I’ve been religiously collecting bookmarks (the how to’s, life hacking, personal growth, name whatever you can think of) thinking that there will come a day when they will come in handy. To make things even more fun, I didn’t even bother reading the contents from start to end, learning something from the article right then & there. …

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It sounds ultra counter intuitive but trust me, it will change everything.

Remember in school when you were sitting at your desk, more often than not at the back of the class, the professor asks a question and then a deep, awkward silence covers the whole class? That was your moment to shine.

Remember when you went out last time with your friends, laughing, having a good time and then you see her - the most gorgeous smile you have ever seen, beautiful, long, black, curly hair? That was the moment when you should’ve walked over to her.

At work…

You’ve got to be kidding me…

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Every once in a while I find myself in the same spot I am right now. Woke up, checked the time on my phone (don’t judge, you do it too, not all of us listened to Simon Sinek’s advice and bought a normal alarm clock, even though I am beginning to consider the investment) and what do you know? It’s again 4 f-ing word A.M. How the f@ck did this happen?

A quick history lesson first…

Monday, 1st of April — first day of the month, first day of the week, April Fools day definitely — everything was planned…

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This is probably one of the most commonly used sayings in the English language, arguably right up there next to “Two things are sure in life: death & taxes”. We use it mechanically to summarise difficult conversations where multiple undesirable options are at play and where no “one-size-fits-all-answer” is available. It is unequivocally accepted as a factual, universal truth.

Millenials are a good example of people whose lifes are definitely not a bed of roses: they lack work ethic, they are impatient, obsess about technology, look for instant gratification, etc. Apparently everything that is wrong with the current workforce comes…

Technology has made our lives easier. Apps such as Whatsapp, Telegram, Wechat, Facebook, iMessage, etc. have transformed the way we communicate and made it extremely easy to get in touch. Technology has enabled us to live-share locations, let others know when we’ve last been seen online and acknowledge read messages.

Think about it, even without a single message sent, we still communicate tons to the outside world:

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Photo by Matam Jaswanth on Unsplash

“Yo, where are you” is obsolete because we have the ability to see in real time where our friends are.

“Yo, did you get my message” is irrelevant because there is a checkmark…

Everybody is familiar with Mark Twain’s frog quote:

“Eat a live frog first thing in the morning and nothing worse will happen to you the rest of the day.”

that over time morphed into the more simplistic version “Just eat the frog” — probably an anology to Nike’s “just do it” company slogan. I came across it in multiple articles, blog posts or heard it gazillion times but never really took the time to brake it apart and see what it truly means. …

Tv series have flooded the market lately and companies in the video streaming industry are creating more content in a race against becoming irrelevant. The content comes predominantly wrapped in the form of tv series (episodes, seasons) to attract as many users as possible and keep them hooked for as long as possible.

We now want to binge watch television in the era of Netflix, Hulu, HBO and because this is the new norm, we no longer consume one episode each week, impatiently waiting for the next one next week. No, we now write-off entire weekends, binge watching full seasons…


Study as if you know nothing. Work as if you can solve anything.

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