My experience launching an Expo Managed App to Apple’s TestFlight for user testing

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Expo is a platform for making native apps using languages that web-developers are familiar with (Javascript + React), streamlining the process and learning curve of launching an app.

In this article, you will learn how to launch an Expo managed app to TestFlight so users can start to experiment and test your app. Throughout the guide, I will attempt to give rough estimates of time and cost where appropriate.

  • An email.
  • A debit/credit card to pay for Apple Developer.
  • An apple computer, preferably macOS.

Let’s get started

To distribute an app to iOS Apple Users, you will need to open a developer account…

There are more ways to help out than we think.

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COVID-19 Prescreening SMS Bot

Problem, Objective and Solution write up courtesy of Oliver.

Existing health services are overwhelmed by inquiries (online and web inquiries, call centers, ER visits, in-person GP visits).

Many are false positives (A person may feel sick but do not have COVID-19).

This takes testing resources away from true positives (A person who feels sick and has COVID-19).

In British Columbia, Canada, it takes over 24 hours to receive a generic response from a human SMS operator. A chatbot is a practical application because this task is repetitive and follows a sequential set of rules, a chatbot is a practical application…

“Why does 8x Protocol need a token/coin?”

This post is aimed to help our audience grasp a better understanding of the concepts behind 8x Protocol. I have attempted to write towards the wider audience by including clarifications and diagrams while also allowing those who are interested in understanding it more deeply to do so through links and code references.

Question to answer: “Why does 8x Protocol need a token/coin?”

In this article, I will be answering the common question above by taking a closer look into how the system operates as well as introducing some economics concepts that will be apparent in the 8x Protocol ecosystem.


The disconnect between audiences in crypto and its barriers to mass-adoption.

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If you have encountered the cryptocurrency space, it is likely you have heard individuals speak on the importance of cryptocurrency mass-adoption. Inside the many articles titled “X reasons why Y is going to be mass-adopted” there exist a common argument that the new decentralised, transparent and trustless system will be self-selling to the general population (deemed no-coiners).

However, one of the less argued barriers of mass-adoptions is simply this — on-boarding new crypto users is not self-propelling. …

The rise of decentralised finance on Ethereum.

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From instances such as the downfall of Mt. Gox and the occasional security breaches of centralised exchanges, centralisation in finance has been set in a negative light.

This has been impetus for projects to create infrastructures that steer away from centralisation. One of the major infrastructure plays has been the introduction of technology that allow for decentralised exchanges (DEX) and token swap methods.

However, the introduction of DEXs was not just a win exclusively for traders and investors but also for the future of finance.

The issues and works currently faced by recurring cryptocurrency payments.

Subscription Article: Product ownership is in the past”

With the shift of consumer preferences from product ownership to accessibility combined with more businesses opting into blockchain there is no doubt that the subscription industry and cryptocurrency will intertwine.

This article will cover the current issues and workings towards allowing the subscription industry to thrive on the blockchain.

Ethereum (cryptocurrency) in its innate form would not be ideal for supporting recurring payments on the blockchain.

One of the main restrictions of Ethereum would be its volatility. Users and services transacting Ether would be exposed to the volatility of their funds which…

8x Protocol, the protocol for facilitating recurring cryptocurrency payments will be built on Ethereum.

Here’s why.

Recently in the cryptocurrency space, there has been a major spotlight on new platforms that are labelled as the next “Ethereum Killer”. Most of said platforms boast higher TPS (transactions per second) and sell their platform as the scalable Ethereum.

While it is impossible to predict the future of Web 3.0, Ethereum looks like it is here to stay.

Ethereum’s Trilemma

As a reiteration from above, platforms are attempting to outshine Ethereum through their large TPS.

But at what cost?

One of the important…

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