Staffing Data Science Programs: Data Science Industry Postdocs (and Sabbaticals)

In my previous blog post, I made the case for a “clinical program” being essential — and, indeed, being the essence — of data science. I received an overwhelming positive response to that notion (with a few questions about the term “clinical”. Some had presumed that the term was being applied only to medical data and medical situations. Suffice to say that I was using the term in the education context — as one that subsumes the notion of “real world, hands-on” experiences. …

Data Science Needs a Clinical Program

Clinical programs help students learn from real-world situations, bringing them closer to the concerns and issues of real-world practice, and resulting in better overall education. Along with obtaining a grounding in foundational approaches and technologies, a well-trained data scientist must gain an understanding of real-world tradeoffs, including constraints associated with use of data in practical applications. Currently, clinical programs are associated with professional degrees in medicine and law. We argue that data science education needs such a clinical component — which would, in fact, help distinguish it from other related and affiliated academic disciplines…

I will use this blog to share my ideas, thoughts, and observations in Data Science — based on a career spent on software tools and technologies in support of data-intensive applications that includes my past 22.5 years at the San Diego Supercomputer center; the past 4 years I spent at the National Science Foundation, as the first Senior Advisor for Data Science; and my current role at UC San Diego as Senior Advisor, Data Science Research Initiatives. I will cover topics in research, education, and training in Data Science and Artificial Intelligence. In a recent conversation with a colleague, we…

Chaitan Baru

Currently, Senior Advisor, Data Science Research Initiatives, UC San Diego. Was first Senior Advisor for Data Science at National Science Foundation, Wash DC.

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