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Fear has a purpose and I’ve made peace with it.

There’s a story about me and seven zip lines in Costa Rica I haven’t told yet. Well… written yet. I’ve told it plenty. I’ve wanted to write it as this monumental testimony to conquering my fears because, after those seven zip lines, I shouldn’t be afraid to do anything. Especially things like… oh… I don’t know… publish another book or something (shrug)

So why haven’t I written about it? Because the fears I was supposed to ditch in Costa Rica followed me home. Nearly four years later, I still have them. If I wrote about the zip lines (and all…

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My musical meditation practice that brings the MONK out of my “monkey mind.”

I used to get really irritated by (read: jealous of) people who can effortlessly meditate. They sit there all calm and quiet with their perfect posture and pretzeled legs and all “one with the universe” n’ stuff… ugh (eye-roll)! SO annoying! (read: lucky).

I know I’m not alone in my struggles with meditation. A lot of people find it difficult to sit still in silence and focus when the brain doesn’t want to cooperate. It races, rants, raves, and rebels against the desire to be calm, relaxed and “zen.”

Buddhists have a term for when your brain is “unsettled, restless…

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personal reflection on depression

I know this game. I know this pain.

The people we know…
The people we want to know…
The people who want to know us.

Who we really are…
Who they want us to be…

And all the unknown parts in between.

I know this game. I know this pain.

The parts of ourselves we don’t want these people to see…
We’d block them from our own eyes if we could.
The parts of ourselves we wish everyone could see…
But the view is often limited by the lenses in their rose-colored glasses.

“If only he got some help…”


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(this is NOT another diatribe on how to deal with writer’s block)

Writer’s Block Is Real.
A very real load of crap!

We don’t stop writing because we have writer’s block. We don’t fail to start writing because we have writer’s block. But it is such a convenient excuse, right? Yes, it is. A hand-crafted, perfect little excuse for our inaction.

Do we really think the universe is so petty that it would conspire against us this way? That it would literally drop a giant brick wall between us and our creative genius?
C’mon, son!
We know better.

Just like there is no spoon, there is no writer’s block! Yes, you heard…

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Stay back there where you are, dammit!

Quit bugging me! Quit tapping me on the shoulder reminding me you are still there… that you are relevant…that somehow you matter right now.

Leave me alone.

Stop keeping me up at night with new perspectives on old stories for me to consider.

Stop attempting to seduce me to stay with you by using my own hope against me.

I need to let you go.

You need to let me go.

You’ll always be with me. I’m taking all of the best parts of you with me.
The lessons. The good memories.


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He made me rethink the definition of success…

Have you seen “The Sixth Sense?” It’s one of my favorite movies. Everything about it is nothing short of brilliant. It’s creator, M Night Shyamalan, earned the title genius from me. I became an instant fan and anxiously awaited his future projects with baited breath. His next film, “Unbreakable,” fell short of my (and many other’s) expectations, but it wasn’t bad… mildly entertaining… on to the next. Then came “Signs” followed by “The Village” and “Lady In The Water.” The trailers filled me with the same first-rollercoaster-drop level of excitement I experienced with “The Sixth Sense,” so I HAD to…

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What we think of her, how we say her name, and what we place in her care determines everything.

What is Hope?

A word? A feeling? A presence?
A noun? A verb?
A friend? A foe?
She is some of those things. She is all of them. She is less. She is more.
What we think of her, how we say her name, and what we place in her care determines life, history, civilization… everything. Like her name, she is very simple. And like the cliche, “big things come in small packages,” her power is infinite. Her influence is immeasurable. …

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If I’m confused about who/what I am and what I do, then I guarantee so is everyone else!

“Sticking feathers up your butt does not make you a chicken!.” This slightly crass utterance from Brad Pitt’s “Fight Club” character, Tyler Durden, is not the most eloquent movie quote in the world, but (in a round about way) it describes a recent epiphany I had about a major block to my professional progress.

Way back in 2006, I shut down my corporate relocation consulting business to become a full-time stay-at-home-mom and a writer. I started freelancing with print magazines, I wrote and published my first book, and eventually became what folks liked to call an “influential blogger.” In the…

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And other “fine lines” crossed when trying to stay present, positive, and forward-focused.

We say “don’t look back” so that we don’t dwell in the past…

A pretty “fine line,” if you ask me.

We say it so we don’t brood over what did or didn’t happen… what we did or didn’t do… what others did or didn’t do.
So we don’t ask “why.”
If we are meant to know the answers, they would be given, right?
We are reminded that only more sorrow or suffering will come from looking back. You know… the whole turning into a pillar of salt thing and all.
We are supposed to let go and move on.

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The glitter is usually gold… but sometimes it’s not

So you think you’re about this Freelance life, eh? Are you sure?
Well… before you go and blow that popsicle stand, let me tell you a thing or three…

The ebb and flow from project to project… client to client is the plight of the Freelancer.
It’s definitely not for the timid, or faint of heart.
Along with your impeccable expertise, you need thick skin, patience, organization, and a sense of humor.

The life of a successful Freelancer is very attractive to those of you on the other side of the glass, but what you may not understand is… that…

Christie Glascoe

Published Author, Editor, Creativity Coach, Screenwriter and other random acts of “Creative Adulting.”

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