Practical design lessons from the world’s largest design company.

In late July 2016, I began my exciting career as a UX Designer at IBM in Austin, TX. In the six short months that followed, I participated in IBM’s three-month Design & Offering Management Bootcamp, helped facilitate recruiting events and Design Thinking workshops, started on my full-time product team, co-filed a patent disclosure, and am now heading up design for IBM’s signature email platform, Verse, on Android. It’s been a wild ride and I’ve learned a ton — here are six quick lessons I learned along the way…

How Stories Enable Teams to Accomplish the Impossible

Everyone loves a good story.

Stories captivate through the use of wit, drama, and conflict resolution. They convey powerful lessons, build empathy, and simplify even the grandest abstractions through relatable themes. Entertaining, memorable, relatable — stories are incredible tools not only for their ability to communicate ideas but also their innate ability to provide something even more impactful: alignment.

When tackling a problem, there are numerous ways to align your team on a given goal. You can create a series of hills, lists of outcomes, form themes and epics, or just give a rallying war cry and hope for the best (I recommend “charge” but…

How to instantly up your Paper (by FiftyThree) game and become a sketching/design pro

Paper, by FiftyThree, is one of the best sketching (and note taking) apps available on the market for the iPhone and iPad. It allows artists, doodlers, designers, writers, and just about anyone with a creative itch to quickly jot down, sketch out, and share their ideas with ease.

As a UX Designer, I use Paper nearly every day — especially for generating (countless) low to medium fidelity user interface designs. While Paper has quickly become my go-to (even beating out physical paper!) the app is not without a few shortcomings.

Fortunately, with these five quick tricks, you’ll be able to…

Why even the best designs can cause pain & how to prevent this in your own design practice

Let’s start at the start…

Recently, I went through a breakup. It wasn’t fun, it wasn’t easy (let’s be honest — it still isn’t nearly two months later) but it was a decision we made together knowing that our paths were veering off toward very different life goals.

Immediately following our decision to part, I did what almost everyone does: removed the countless photos, notes, and other romantic artifacts from my apartment, updated my devices’ wallpapers, and, to really, really make it “official,” changed my Facebook profile picture. This was all accomplished in the hours following the big decision. Some part of me — probably…

Colin Budd

Business Lead + Global Design Strategist @ IBM Garage. Photographer, Writer, Explorer of Emerging Tech. // @xbudd

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