5 Window Covering Design Tips for New Homes In Chicago

Who does not love to have a new home and it is also an amazing time to design functional and stylish windows covering. There is no denying that every house owner has a different perspective and idea in mind to design home decoration.

But if you want to start from one place then you try window coverings Chicago that is considered an excellent choice for your home renovation needs. Whether you want to buy standard shade, blinds, or go for custom made option there is always something new and exciting about window treatments.

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window coverings Chicago

If you are planning new windows covering, Here are some fantastic design tips you should follow including,

1) Layer your windows covering:

Blinds and shades can be layered with drapes and valances for style, convenience, and dimension. They both offer to raise and lowering temperature and privacy control.

You can layer blinds and shades a valance or side drapery panels to add patterns and color to enhance the room’s view.

2) Use solar shade to protect your furniture:

Daily exposure to UV rays can destroy new and beautiful furniture. It is important to know which window will have direct sunlight during the day and you need to choose solar shades to reduce the sun’s glare and protect furniture from damage.

3) Customize the window coverings:

Many homeowners are interested in custom window treatments in Chicago because this option allows them to pick the fabrics, style, textures, as well as the customized size for both small and large windows.

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Euroview window covering

4) Add color or pattern:

When you are deciding the pattern and colors, always choose a design that can easily blend with walls, floor, and furniture. You don’t need to be afraid to add some sleek patterns, and bold colors to your shades, drapery, and blinds panels. Try to become a little creative with natural elements and textures for room decoration as well.

5) Always use professional installation service:

When you want to install window treatments in Chicago shades or blinds for a new home, you should hire expert installers who are well experienced at installing both blinds and shades with accuracy.

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