Ada Doglace and Lily Grace (lilygrams)
Ada Doglace and Lily Grace (lilygrams)
Ada Doglace and Lily Grace (lilygrams). Photo by Anthony Ferrara.

There are many things that makes me happy. Puppies (see picture), food, wine and databases… (not particularly in that order). And things that makes me even happier such as a well designed schema and proper usage of ORM (Object Relational Mapping).

MySQL was the database I used to love to hate. It grew on me and the fact that long strides were made to make it more consistent and more modern kept me away from using other open source databases on a daily basis for my projects. …

You can guess which song it is, right?

All about database

Because you know I am all about database
database, database, but no trigger (4x)

I am about database, base, base

Yeah it ain’t clear
This font is size 2
But I can query, query, like you supposed to do
Cause I got that Query Builder that y’all chase
All the wrong junk, in all weird places

I see that framework woking that magic up
We know this it ain’t SQL, come on now, write it up
If you love the planner, planner, try just tuning up! …

See how was possible to use Cloud SQL as intermediary to serve results on Data Studio.

Given a dataset that you have on BigQuery, the script above can work to load any data to any schema and any table:

CSV_FILES=($(gsutil ls $BUCKET_FOLDER_URI))for csv in "${CSV_FILES[@]}"
echo "Importing ${csv}"

gcloud sql import csv $INSTANCE $csv --database=$DATABASE --table=$TABLE --quiet

Leave the indexes disabled or to be added after the import and as you need them, each case is unique, and all columns index is not the general case.

StackOverflow use case

My colleague Felipe Hoffa wrote a…

This was originally posted by me in the blog 24 days in December, curated by Andreas Heigl.

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A lot of people don’t understand why I like to speak to the PHP Community so much; since I am a database person. The truth is that I am not a database person, I am a Software Engineer that happens to know a lot about databases and likes them.

Sometimes we need to get out of our comfort zone to discover what we really enjoy doing, and that was no different for me. A lot of developers have to learn a specialized skill…

Disclaimer: the series of events I am going to be discussions is by no means a reflection of what should happen during your Gastric Bypass surgery preparation. This article aims to be a story about how the system works in my home country (Brazil) and how I leveraged it to achieve what was necessary for my well being.

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Before and After (exactly 24 months after surgery)

How I came about gastric bypass surgery

For far too long I suffered with my weight. Weight issues run in my family. Until the age of 20, I was a bit overweight (5kg/11lb over) but nothing major for a 1.61m/5'3ft woman.

As I moved away from home and started…

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Programess, Miss Diagnosed, Developer Advocate for Google Cloud. I advise on DBs and I code stuff. Owner of over 50,000 LEGO bricks. she/her. Views are my own.

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