My new book, Read Write Code, is live on Amazon today!

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Read Write Code: A Friendly Introduction to the World of Coding, and Why It’s the New Literacy

If you want to check out the book website right away head to: You can also get it on Amazon here:

Read Write Code demystifies the world of computers, starting at the beginning to explain the basic building blocks of today’s tech: programming, the internet, data, apps, the cloud, cybersecurity, algorithms, artificial intelligence, and more.

Complex concepts are explained in friendly and engaging ways, with interactive examples and practical tips…

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Our team at CodeHS has been making lots of improvements to the functionality of our Java IDE and Sandbox so there’s lots you can do as a Java teacher on CodeHS.

Here are some highlights of some of the great features you can use.

Features of the Online IDE

You can try any of these features out by clicking the links and then click fork to get your own version of the program. You can click the “Try It” to run the code yourself or see a quick video demo of the feature in action. Learn more about the CodeHS IDE.

Easily Run Java Code…

With the coronavirus pandemic, right now is a challenging and uncertain time for everyone. We know schools, communities, and families are taking necessary public health safety measures, and many are closing or moving to a virtual learning setup.

Our goal at CodeHS is to help empower and support teachers and students learning computer science. We know you have a host of challenges to handle already with adjustments for schools closing and trying to keep classes going.

Here’s our plan at CodeHS to help you keep your computer science class on track:

  • We’ve created a guide on how to use CodeHS…

The tech news story of the last few months has been WeWork. A private company with a meteoric rise to an almost $50 billion valuation is about to go to an IPO, but the questionable math spooks investors, the IPO goes bust, the company is written down by ~$40 billion and the CEO is kicked out.

I don’t know if it’s really a “tech” story or a “startup” story — because on both elements it’s not clear if WeWork is “tech” or a “startup” — but it is a story that has gotten people’s attention.

When I read about WeWork…

Here’s a post we shared out to the Facebook group of AP CS A teachers.

Hi all- my name is Jeremy and I’m the CEO at CodeHS. I hope everyone is having a great start to the school year! I know there have been a number of comments or questions on CodeHS so I wanted to make sure everyone had the most up to date information.

We have now two main versions of our AP CS A course, Mocha and Nitro.

Mocha is a course we have had for a number of years, used by many teachers. It teachers objects…

With the CodeHS platform, the goal is to make it a seamless experience for computer science teachers managing their classes. That means you can go to one place for students to write their programs, to manage submissions, grade projects, see the data, organize your lessons, and more.

With the addition of CodeHS Assignments, now it’s even easier to get the exact course you want, with tools you can’t find anywhere else.

Before, you’d need to jump around to various settings, CodeHS courses, playlists, and other custom projects, to get your exact materials. …

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This was what I posted to my Instagram after arriving back to the US.

After about four months traveling, many countries and continents, just got back to the US. I met so many good people along the way from all over the world, I feel very lucky. 🙏 Thanks to all the very friendly, interesting, fun, adventurous people and travelers I met along the way. I know some people are on Instagram, and maybe we will meet again in the future. Really, when I think back on the trip, I think of all the people I met.

Some people I…

I spent about a week in Japan, which was the last stop on my trip.

Right away you notice the trains. It’s a train culture. It seems to be one of the most effective train systems, both within Tokyo and intercity among other Japanese cities.

I walked around and one of the first meals I had was a sushi spot. It was a non-notable casual sushi place. Most of the people sitting in the restaurant in Tokyo were older Japanese people. I don’t know what they said, but every time someone would walk in the restaurant, and every time someone…

I spent some time in Seoul, South Korea, here are a few notes from my trip.

  • I spent the full time in Seoul. Though I had planned originally to go to Busan as well, I had been hopping around a lot of cities so just wanted to stay in one spot.
  • I did slow it down a bit, but still saw a number of interesting spots.
  • Stayed in the Hongdae area, which had a number of very lively pedestrian streets. It’s a young area and there is a college there too.
  • As I was wandering around Seoul, I walked by…

I’ve now been to a lot of countries in the last four months, and maybe met people from 50+ countries. It’s a common question to ask: “where are you from?” I say I’m from the US, and so some people ask about politics.

But talking to anyone I meet, it becomes painfully obvious that Trump and the US government are an international embarrassment. But even that is an understatement.

What are the sentiments people express? They think it is a joke. They think the guy is insane. They see the US is falling apart, and even some have expressed to…

Jeremy Keeshin

CEO and co-founder at @CodeHS // Author Read Write Code // previously founded the Flipside

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