Short Message Service (SMS) is the most common type of text messaging in the world today. SMS Marketing is utilizing the messaging services most people use as a way to get your brands information / offers in front of your target audience. This medium has been used for quite a while, but as is the case with most digital marketing, it has never been more accurate and data driven than today. There are certainly some drawbacks to Text or SMS marketing but some clear advantages as well. Let’s explore both:


  1. Engagement (the majority of people open every text they receive)

As we mentioned on our page about our SEO services ADA compliance is something that has been a growing issue and something that web developers and owners of websites have to come to terms with. A couple of quick refreshers if you haven’t seen our other blog posts about ADA Compliance.

What is ADA Compliance for Websites

This refers to the process of making your website accessible for people with certain disabilities covered under federal law.

The rules laid out to be considered compliant have to do with some of the following things:

Making sure the text is readable compared…

When we meet with clients and discuss SEO strategies there is always a question raised of how it works. What does SEO in 2019 look like? Why is it expensive and why is so important? Can’t I just put the weather and NFL scores on my site to drive traffic? First off, NO do not put anything on your site that isn’t part of your core competency.

The challenge in digital marketing and website development is always finding ways to explain the incredibly complex and make it as simple as understandable as possible. There is no exception when it comes…

Website Design in 2019: Part 3 — Content Marketing

In our two previous posts about Website design in 2019 we discussed content management systems as well as ADA compliance and SEO. In this installment we’ll get into how to utilize the website for promotion and marketing. In the more modern era of website execution and digital marketing strategies there are really two distinct paths you can follow. One is a traditional advertising approach (buying ads on various publishers) or content marketing.


Content marketing is essentially the process of sharing materials (blogs, videos, photos) through various channels…


Recently you might have heard about “ADA Compliance” within the digital space. What is that, you have probably asked. For starters ADA refers to the American’s with Disabilities Act. It was enacted in 1990 to prevent people with disabilities from being discriminated in all aspects of public life. This includes ramps at entrances of buildings, accessibility for the hearing impaired, etc. Lately this has started to cause a stir in regards to people’s websites.

The landmark legal case was GIl vs Winn-Dixie Stores when a man sued Winn-Dixie Stores because he was not able to navigate their website as a…

In 2019 there are almost an unlimited number of website design platforms. In this post when we say “platforms” we refer to the engine that allows you to build and design a new website. We also refer to them as content management systems (CMS). We get asked a lot what platform do we use or what is the best platform to use if you are going to start a new business or if you need a new website.


Far and away the most popular and most common CMS is WordPress. WordPress accounts for about 33% of all websites on the…

For as long as we have been involved in digital advertising and ad placement, we have all had to deal with banner advertising. From the consumer side banner ads have often been considered objectionable. There have even been entire industries created specifically to find ways to prevent these types of ads from being seen. We as digital advertisers really only have ourselves to blame. With downward pressure on ad cost many in our industry have gone bottomfeeding. Searching for those $1 CPMs to win a contract without really considering what those types of ads will become.

The pendulum is now…

As we’ve discussed in our previous posts, content marketing and blogging is an incredibly effective way to engage with your website viewers and to help attract new ones.

In today’s online world customers want to connect with the companies that they buy from. They want to know and hear from your voice directly. Writing a blog is almost as important today as having a Facebook page. And make no mistake, everyone has a blogging strategy. Not ever writing content is a decision and a strategy. …

There are several updates to the most important methodologies regarding SEO in 2019 for this coming year. However the same basic tenants still hold true, content is king.

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On-Site SEO

On site SEO in 2019 is still fairly consistent with previous years and follows the same concepts we have talked about on our blog before. Keeping up with ADA parameters is also going to be a major necessity. We have written many times about that subject as well. To learn more about it there are several other places to read on our site.

Other than ADA compliance on site SEO in 2019…


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Have you ever gotten a monthly report from your digital marketing ad vendor and felt more confused after reading it than before? If you’ve ever bought digital ads at any time, ever, I’m betting the answer is, all the time. This is typically done by design, and sometimes just done by accident.

The largest publishers and media companies sell their own ads and that is how they make the majority of their revenue in the digital space. …

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