Matt McCoy & Representative John Forbes

Last week, Representative John Forbes (D) & I held a news conference to introduce HIPO. (Healthy Iowans for a Public Option)

HIPO is a a straight forward healthcare plan which also returns Medicaid control back to the state.

In April of 2016, three for-profit companies took control over our state’s Medicaid program, orchestrated by then Iowa Governor Terry Branstad & Lt. Governor Kim Reynolds. The privatization of Medicaid was to save “10’s of millions of dollars”, by Branstad/Reynolds, but in turn the results were catastrophic.

In May of 2017, reports showed an increase of 270% of complaints & appeals to…

It is a day for all of us who live out lives to celebrate our unique qualities.

Sadly many Iowans and many Americans are not out at work, home and in their community.

Many feel afraid for their safety, job security or housing if they come out.

In more than 28 states in our nation you can be fired for being gay or transgender.

Attorney General Sessions just announced that gender identity is not protected in this country.

President Trump sent a message that impacted more than 15, 000 brave Transgender Americans who serve the United States Military. By tweet…

Matt McCoy

Progressive State Senator Matt McCoy represents the 21st Iowa Senate District.

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