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Mehek Kapoor

Dutch Culture

The Netherlands is termed as one of the happiest countries in the world, and moving from India to The Netherlands, brought me face to face with multiple cultural shocks. I bet you will be shocked to read some of them as well.

India is a country where I was born and brought up, but my husband moved to The Netherlands when he received the opportunity to work for one of the largest Dutch telecommunications companies.

Soon after he moved here, we got married and I moved to the flattest European country with him. And the journey brought in a lot of cultural shocks than one could imagine!

I will talk about the top-10 of them here —

Why do you see these pictures so commonly floating around on the internet, where you can see a bridge, a canal, and a couple of…

As the year 2021 is starting, let’s look at 21 lesser-known UX processes, that will help you bring a fresh approach to your designs in the new year!

You might be well-aware of many UX processes that you are using in your daily job, but there are many more processes that you can utilise to change your strategy, or to bring a fresh approach to your designs. Let’s look at 20 most uncommon ones —

1. Abstraction Ladder

Developed in 1939 by an American Linguist (S.I. Hayakawa), Abstraction Ladder or Ladder of Abstraction is a mental model that helps you describe the level of abstraction and level of concreteness in your designs. …

UX Design

In this story you will get to know about the struggles of getting a job, the perks that the government provides, the benefits of being in Europe, the salaries, the taxes, the healthcare-costs, the work-life balance, retirement benefits and more…

Disclaimer: Every piece of information that I am sharing in this story, comes from my own personal experience and knowledge of being here since around one year.

I am working in Netherlands as a UX designer for over 7 months now, and there are some really big differences when I compare the work culture here with India (where I have worked previously).

Netherlands is a small, calm and peaceful country. It supports gender equality, it is a strong supporter of the LGBTQ community, and many people here identify themselves as atheists. …

Culture and History

Pompeii was one of the richest, flourishing and modern cities of the Roman empire that got razed down by a volcano almost two millenia ago. But how was the culture, food and business like in Pompeii? What did they do that we do differently today? Let’s do an analysis on it.

Ruins of Pompeii discovered in 16th Century, after an accidental disovery
Ruins of Pompeii discovered in 16th Century, after an accidental disovery
Ruins of Pompeii discovered in 16th Century, after an accidental disovery

History Of Pompeii

Pompeii is regarded as one of the most famous cities of history, especially when it comes to understanding European (primarily Roman or Italian) culture. Pompeii is that city, that got burnt and buried by a raging volcano called Mount Vesuvius, back in 79 AD.

The remains of the city still exist in Bay of Naples in modern day Italy. Where now, more than 3 million people are living in just around 10 km radius of Mount Vesuvius, which is still regarded as an active volcano.

But before we jump to the culture of Pompeii, let us look at some more…


Almost all Christmas celebrations include a Christmas tree, Santa Claus and some commonalities, but what do the Dutch do differently? Let’s look at that in this story...

Christmas in family. Image Credits: Unsplash
Christmas in family. Image Credits: Unsplash
Christmas in family. Image Credits: Unsplash

Christmas is one of the few festivals during which you see joy and happiness across the entire world. This joy is also, equally felt and seen in the Netherlands. One thing that you will find in Europe is really short days and long nights during the winter.

And that is one of the distinctive things that makes Christmas here, even more special. The sunsets as early as 04:30 pm in peak winter sometimes, and you can see the streets and homes light up in golden festival lights.

While putting up lights might be one common thing with the rest of…

True Crime

Carl Panzram was considered the most cold-blooded killer in history, not only because of the crimes he committed or the nature of them, but majorly because he never felt bad for them!

Mugshot of Carl Panzram during his final sentence
Mugshot of Carl Panzram during his final sentence
Mugshot of Carl Panzram during his final sentence

When we think about true crime documentaries or movies, we find it thrilling to watch, we even enjoy it with a tub of popcorn sometimes. But when you actually think about the things that have happened in our past, when you seriously try to feel the pain of the victims, it all feels so chilling, and you don’t feel that far away from them.

Carl Panzram — Birth And Early Life

All the fictional crime-based movies and series that have been made so far, are inspired (more or less) from the real-life stories of some psychopaths, and today you will read the story of one out of…


You might think that the most common rejections are due to a bad portfolio, an average resume or bad performance in the interview. But the reasons are more than just that.

A rejection can have many reasons behind it, while sometimes the reasons are hidden in the depth of the answers you gave, to the questions that you were asked in one (or more) interview, and sometimes — the reasons are not that simple to understand.

And today, I will focus on ten most common reasons why the recruiters will reject a possible candidate.

Starting with the process of applying for a job. When you send in your resume and cover letter, you are already in for a gamble. If you get selected for the first round, it means you have…


If you are considering about moving to an entirely new continent or a different country, and start a new life, it is important that you know a lot of information in detail, to avoid being shocked later. This story covers 5 different parameters from various European countries, and compares it with USA.

If you’re an expat who is planning about living his future in dreamy European countries, or even settling down in one, keep in mind that there are many things that will surprise (or shock) you.

To give you an overall picture about European countries, about how expensive or cheap they are, I’ve chosen USA for comparison in this story, so that you can make a better estimate about the comparison metrics chosen.

There are countries that have some amazing laws and free healthcare in Europe, and countries that have exorbitantly high fines or taxes. …


Browsing through houses and the housing market in The Netherlands is as easy as taking a walk in the supermarket. But when it comes to ‘being the chosen one’ for that house, or moving into that house, that’s where you start to get nightmares. But why is it so?

I’ve been living in The Netherlands for almost 2 years now, and when I first saw the homes, they looked like they’ve been neatly stacked next to each other — tightly and closely. Not much space. Unlike what the culture is in many other countries. Such row houses are an identity of this country, but I had never visited these houses from the inside.

Another distinguishing, highlight feature of these houses is — big, giant windows. Something that you notice almost instantly, as you look at these homes. …


Every society, community, and country have their own rituals, traditions and sometimes — bizarre practices. While the rest of the world believes in keeping things private while they’re inside their house, the Dutch believe in quite the opposite.

Have you ever been to The Netherlands? Even if you haven’t, you must have seen these houses, stacked neatly in rows, painted in vibrant colours, and having windows as big as the walls of the room.

But another interesting thing that you will always notice is that people are not fans of blinds or curtains here. Most houses like to keep things uncovered and bare. Why? Well, there are certainly more than one reasons, and we will look at all of them —

Cultural And Religious Affiliation

Culture and religion impact a country’s behaviour a lot. What you believe in, slowly starts to turn…

Mehek Kapoor

Product designer by profession 👩‍🎨, writer by heart. I write on various topics 💭 follow me for my opinion on life and other things.

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