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Unlike every other day, it was my cab driver Lakhaani Saab’s call that woke me up that morning!

Oops, I was 30 mins late, am I going to miss the flight? As usual, it was an early morning flight; it was an unusually small aeroplane that day and my entire flight experience felt like being in a KSRTC bus back home!

First thing I looked for after stepping into that little airport building was the omnipresent logo with the smiling ‘twin-tailed siren’.

Wait a minute ! That probably was the first airport in USA I have been to so far…

Pragmatic thoughts on how to keep a remote team ticking…

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The energy of a team is contagious! The chatter, the debates, the extra long hours spent chasing an unrealistic release timeline and the energy generated in the process is just unmatchable!

While co-location plays a vital role in facilitating an environment of positivity and breeding ‘Emotional contagion’ within the tribe, it is NOT always an option for teams with a global footprint. Remote teams can be equally effective, but only with the help of right practices and the ability of the leaders to pick the right problem worthy of solving. …

Its not what you think it is…

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Unlike some other kids of same age, he hated those long bus journeys — especially the window seat trips; the humid and dusty air would smear up his face n hair! The cacophony of the crowded bus always used to bring the worst out of him. That day, there were other reasons for his nervousness too. He felt like crying! But being a tough nut to crack, he resisted it as always. It was around 7 in the evening, and the bus was just minutes away from its destination. …

Crisp, Insightful and full of references

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An effort to clean up my to-read list, landed me on this short and sweet lil one by Arron Walter last week. ‘A book apart’ series has always been about conveying and educating readers on niche corners of digital design world, and this was no different!

Crisp, Insightful and full of references — that was Arron Walter’s ‘Designing for Emotion’ for me. With UX and User Centered Design no more an icing on the cake, but a quintessential phase in a digital product life cycle, defining and rolling out new methodologies to ‘delight’ a user has become the new gold-rush…

Disruptive innovation in Prototyping products

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Compared to early years when ‘prototyping’ was still an industrial vocabulary, today the quality of prototyping tools available to a UX designer has undergone unbelievable transformation and ‘prototyping’ has found its place as a vital stage in digital product design.

While UX designers now are spoilt by choices of tools, the rise of prototyping has opened up a vast playground for a ‘crowd’ of prototyping tools, not to mention the ‘copycats’ and ‘just another prototyping tool’ groups.

2016 so far had been disruptively transformative for me as a UX Designer! From the role of a lead UX Designer responsible for the work done by a team of Digital UX Designers and Front-end Engineers, to a UX Consultant helping a fortune 500 client find digital solutions to their business challenges by setting the platform to build Digital Experiences / products, the learning so far is definitely the tip of an iceberg! The most powerful learning so far deserves to be highlighted and that is what this post is all about.

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A piece of paper / whiteboard and a set of markers are the best tools to kickstart a UX design process…

My job, as any other UX Consultant’s can…

Hello ACT Broadband,

( Disclaimer: I have paid my bill for the month of November [ in-spite of not having access to internet from your famed ‘fibernet’ cables for the more than half of the last month and which remains dead to this date] from my reliable Tata Photon connection and the confirmation screenshot is attached herewith! )

It was in the month of May, 2014, like many other tech-professionals and internet fans, I too felt the arrival of a savior from the boring 2–4 MBPS connections that established-players like Airtel had to offer by then (which I would later…

On-boarding fresh talents to the UX team has become a part of my work for past few years with the added responsibility of a ‘playing captain’ of a team of UX - designers/developers. Working with smarter minds is definitely a fulfilling and exhilarating experience, with truck loads of learning getting dumped on to you on a daily basis.

It was one such day when I decided to evaluate a candidate with an on-screen live coding exercise (I believe observing how one works is the most efficient way to evaluate someone! ). The position open was that of a ‘Front-end Engineer’…

The past few months were full of enlightenment and a few challenges. The enlightenment part is partly from this book that I have started reading seriously (though its been real long since I’ve acquired it via flipkart), and partly from our team at work as we are continually looking to refining the UX of a product that we own.

Being part of a product UX team is exciting and exhausting at the same time. The exhilaration and adrenaline rush that the initial phases of UX design offers will soon be overtaken by the tedious testing phase, the demotivating cross-browser compatibility…

How are ‘Right brainers’ different from ‘Left Brainers’?

Well, this is not a zoology question being thrown at you. If you are working on a team dealing with websites / apps, and if there is a design team working with a team of developers, you probably would be witnessing the answer to this question every single day you work!

This is an inevitable fact, and it is this difference that makes the two communities thrive, and the best team is the one which finds a way to converge the collective wisdom of both these ‘species’ into the final stage of their deliverable – An ideal human-machine interaction experience…


Fan of originality, Admirer of anything creative and an internet devotee for life

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