People forget things. Who’s better at telling your stories than you do?

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I haven’t always been my biggest cheerleader. I suffer from impostor syndrome, which I’m beginning to learn happens to the best of us. My colleagues would be quick to tell how much of a hard worker I am.

But the thing is I don’t give myself enough credit. I hear the voices of the internal critic in my head loud and clear every time I strive to do my best at a job.

The thoughts that run through my mind whenever I’m working on a project with a…

Who says no to Jollof rice?

You’re in school, and there’s not enough money to prepare dinner. You and your roommates come up with a plan to pool money together to cook a pot of Jollof rice, because who says no to community Jollof?

Everybody contributes money to cook, and when it’s ready, you get your share, everybody gets their share. Everybody is happy.

My money, your money. Our Offering!!!

This is how mutual funds work. Mutual means people. In this context — you and your roommates. Funds mean ‘money made available for a purpose.’ From the scenario above, it would be safe to say that you and your roommates pooled together…

I will remember this.

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I will never let anyone make me feel bad about myself anymore. I will never let guilt for anything that isn’t my fault consume me. I will never let the past take the place of the present in my life again. I will always remember that my body is mine to preserve. To heal.

I will always remind myself to breathe… to allow myself space to hurt, to cry, and to heal.

I will not allow room for anyone who makes their hurt mine, and make me feel guilty for existing because they hurt, and why shouldn’t I too?


Collaborating Successfully Across Borders


Ellcrys is changing the way people collaborate by creating a platform where people can be able to co-create, co-own and co-manage open source software together, openly and transparently. This is done by leveraging blockchain and git, and through this way, Ellcrys is able to build a democratic and decentralized system that allows anyone anywhere in the world to work together on a project.

The Scenario

You have an idea and you discuss this idea with a friend. Your friend thinks it’s an amazing one and won’t stop talking about how this could be the beginning of something new. You meet to discuss…

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Because we are Spirits.

It is always the same thing all the time. It is the same pattern, the same waves.

We wonder why it seems as though some things change yet they remain the same.

Why does it seem like nothing ever happens, but when we look over our shoulders, we are amazed at how different everything turns out to be?

We stare too long at the image in the mirror, and we wonder who the person looking right back is. …

I wonder how one can be so full of life this instant, and the next, be without it while struggling to live. I had gone back to the mall with my sister to shop for some clothes. Laughing, taking in the scenery, while sister kept leaving me to gawk at the clothes that fascinated her. Then, I felt a wave of nausea. It was too strong that I reached to a railing for support. And the rush of blood to my head. I told my sister, ‘I feel faint’. But it was unusual. I had never fainted in my life…

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The things we feel people should know better to do. The way we expect others to understand what is going on in our head even when we are not saying anything is quite astonishing. Our problem is we are not communicating well enough. Why is it too hard for us to say what we want in clear terms?

I have always believed that people should know better before they do some things, and this flawed thinking has always ruined things for me.

My relationship with my best friend has not always been sour. Once, we were best friends who enjoyed…

Ifunanya Okolie

I am intrigued by three things ATM — Blockchain, Economics, and Finance. Check out my other writings at

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