We’ve all heard the proverbial sad story of “the moving van is sitting in front of the house” when a loan is approved for a new home purchase but then doesn’t get funded due to borrower past credit issues.

Thanks to my “fresh start” mortgage loan last month the story ended well for this borrower.

The borrower had already closed on the sale of her and her new husband’s current residence and was awaiting final approval from her lender for the new property she was purchasing.

Instead, she received a call the day before closing was scheduled that her loan…

In an ideal world, a California home owner with a mortgage loan would pay off her mortgage debt when she hit retirement age.

In the real world, this seems to happen much less regularly than it should.

In the past decade, mortgage debts have not been paid down as much as they were in the past 50 years for older Californians for a variety of reasons.

The population of older homeowners has increased because people are living longer.

Incomes have gone up but not as fast as spending and borrowing.

Federally insured or guaranteed mortgage programs were made to enable…

Loan Mod Help Center Resource Links

This is a collection of links that I created in October of 2014 to help homeowners, advocates, attorneys, brokers, realtors and loan officers when they are seeking a loan modification of a mortgage.

It was originally found on www.loanmodhelpcenter.com

For any additions or corrections please email webmaster@loanmodhelpcenter.com

Consumer Financial Protection Bureau pages pertaining to loan mod help:

National Consumer Law Center pages updated for 2014 that may be help when trying to get a loan mod that is affordable: http://www.nclc.org/foreclosures-mortgages/new-cfpb-mortgage-servicing-rules-part-1-error-resolution-force-placed-insurance-periodic-statements-other-servicer-duties http://www.nclc.org/foreclosures-mortgages/new-cfpb-mortgage-servicing-rules-part-2-loss-mitigation-procedures

Save The Making Home Affordable, Home Affordable Modification Program (MHA HAMP) from being eliminated because it’s the right thing to do, ethically and financially. Each foreclosure that can be saved results in less price depreciation for the surrounding neighborhood properties, less neglected and blighted properties, stable fair market rent rates and increased county and city taxes for infrastructure investments like repaved roads and utilities. :

“As of this year’s midpoint, there were 2,736,000 U.S. residential loans that were either at least 30 days past due or were in the process of foreclosure.”

“In the second quarter of this year, according…

Article by Sandusky attorney Dan McGookey. He writes weekly.

“Ever been treated rudely by your mortgage company? If you answered this question “no,” I’ll bet you’re in the minority.

Why is this so? Why does it seem that your bank wants to drive you away rather than help you out? The answer most often is that that party is not your “bank” or your lender at all, but rather a “loan servicer,” or simply a collection agency.


There is a dirty little secret which lies at the heart of the loan servicing industry, a secret which explains…

$20,000 for a new home. Design-and-build program Rural Studio has a decade of experience creating 20K houses. They’re named to indicate the smallest loan a person on Social Security could afford through the Section 502 rural housing loan program. “One of the fundamental problems we’re trying to deal with through the 20K house is really designing a house that is both affordable and dignified, that anybody in the world would want” see full story here: http://www.al.com/entertainment/index.ssf/2016/01/tiny_houses_become_an_artist_s.html

Michael Naz

I am a Loan Problem Solver. I believe in equal credit opportunity for all borrowers by following fair lending best practices.

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