This is the beginning of an annual series I’d like to do to both track books I’ve read this year and recommend ones I particularly enjoyed.


Personally, I love recommendations by everyday humans of the Internet or friends, and I know there are others who feel similarly.

General disclaimers

  • The lack of non-fiction was a deliberate choice I made for 2017, and I expect 2018 to be more balanced.
  • This is not an exhaustive list of books I read this year, but the few not mentioned were excluded primarily because I didn’t finish them or strongly disliked them.
  • In 2016, I…


I never thought I’d end up in San Francisco, but through an interesting series of events, I was lucky to land an awesome internship in the Bay Area, where I met a lot of amazing people, both old and new.

I’ve decided to reflect back broadly on what I learned about life, people, and programming principles. Here’s what I found:

1. Don’t be afraid to ask for things.

There were a number of times I found myself stumped in the face of a coding roadblock. At first, I was too worried about seeming incompetent to ask questions. In nearly any…

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Our first little office

A Year at HubLogix

There’s plenty of hype surrounding tech startups, but to an outsider, it might seem like just hype — an assumption I’m glad I didn’t make. I stumbled into the local Atlanta startup scene before my junior year of college. As someone who had recently discovered a love for coding, the path of least resistance could have been to either focus exclusively on classes or career plans after graduation.

Instead, the hype drew me away from solely focusing on classes. To understand what “working with startups” entailed, I reached out to the people I knew were involved in the Atlanta startup…

neil sethi

product @Dropbox, ex-product engineering @HubLogix and cs/english alum @EmoryUniversity

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