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P.C. Namrata Kashyap

Prettier than the Stars.

More stunning than the Sun.

Beautiful, you’re the One.

Including my email template

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What does a blogger need most?

Traffic. Shares. Subscribers.

One thing that I learned from my blogging journey: It’s not easy to get people to come to your blog when you’re just starting out.

But I’ve got a simple solution to help you achieve it: an expert roundup post.

And the best part?

You only write 20% of the content and experts write the other 80%.

Sounds easy, right?

But you need the right process to do it successfully. It’ll take a lot of time and effort to produce a great post.

I’ve created expert roundup posts successfully multiple times…

Get moving.

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Do you want to keep your remote employees fit and healthy? Do you conduct workplace fitness challenges?

Fitness challenges can help your team achieve their fitness goals and build camaraderie along the way!

Why Should You Conduct Workplace Fitness Challenges?

Before we talk about workplace fitness challenge ideas, it’s important to ask why you should run company fitness challenges? Why should you offer them to remote employees?

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, almost 80% of American adults don’t get the recommended amount of exercise per week.

And the bad health of your employees can affect the productivity and long-term success of your organization.

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I’m working with Springworks (previously SpringRole), and here’s the short poem about the company culture:

Working at Springworks is full of opportunities.
No one here has the fear of uncertainties.

Dive into our world of remote working.
We have Trivia for some fun happening.

People don’t face here Monday blues.
Everyone is free to share their views.

The expression of gratitude is how we thrive.
SpringEngage is our new way of saying high five.

Management is persistent in showcasing instead of boasting.
Just wait and working here will become interesting.

You will get here some wonderful perks.
Just keep calm and trust Springworks.

Originally published at LinkedIn

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I love her like she’s air.

I couldn't breathe,

when she’s not there.

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I miss you so deeply.

My heart struggles to beat.

I can’t wait till we meet.

Work only during work hours and practice self-care.

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Photo by Victoria Heath on Unsplash

In 2020, companies are embracing remote work options more than ever before.

And work-life balance is more important than ever. Remote work comes with a wide variety of benefits, but it can also be a challenge if you don’t set healthy work-life boundaries.

In this article, you’ll discover:

  • What Is Work-Life Balance?
  • Why Do You Need to Set Boundaries?
  • How to Set Healthy Boundaries to Get Work-Life Balance?

Let’s get started:

What Is Work-Life Balance?

In simple terms, work-life balance is an idea that you need time for both work and personal life, whether those are family-related or personal interests.

Work-life balance is the…

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My workspace

Current Gig:

Content Marketer at Springworks (previously SpringRole)

How my typical day looks like:

Get up. Do some exercise. Make my breakfast. Power up my laptop. Checkout my emails and LinkedIn. Decide on a To-do list. The rest of the day, I work on my to-do list.

What’s my workspace setup like:

I spend most of the time on couch, desk, bed, and bean bag. :D

Apps and tools I can’t live without:

Slack, Zoom, Trello, Google Drive, Grammarly, and my headphones. :)

How do I recharge or take a break

We play fun quizzes and games virtually every day. I also make Tea (A LOT). I enjoy cooking. I take 20 min. nap. And I keep shifting my location :smile:

What I do in my free time:

I watch TV and Netflix. Read a…

… I Love My Company!

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Image Credit: Unsplash

I have been working with the company for more than nine months. And I love working here.

Today, I’m sharing 13 Reasons Why I love working here. Please take a moment

1. First, let’s talk about FOOD: Company provides FREE lunch, Snacks, Fruits, and surprise goodies.

2. The second best thing that WE all LOVE- Breaks: There is a relaxing space where employees can have a short break and play games. As now we are working remotely, we virtually have tea/coffee breaks and play Trivia quizzes. Sound cool :)

3. Now Let’s talk about Company Environment: The company has a…

Stay engaged.

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Image by Peggy und Marco Lachmann-Anke from Pixabay

Before understanding the virtual ice-breakers, let’s see some benefits of working remotely, like:

  • Setting your own working schedule.
  • The comfort of being at home.
  • Avoid commute time.
  • Less stress.
  • Spend time with your kids and family.
  • More satisfying.

But it has challenges as well: We can feel lonely and isolated while working remotely. In a survey, we found that approx 46% of employees said they miss coming to the office.

The Importance of Virtual Ice-breakers

A virtual Ice-breaker is a great way to keep your remote teams engaged and learn more about each other.

Ice-breaker is a game or activity that you can do with…

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