A Silly Motherhood Question

To make any sense out of the title of this post, I will need to give you some background information.

Background Information

My name is Sunni, and I am a mother of 4 adult children, mother-in-law to 3, and Gigi to one grandson and a granddaughter on the way. Our home has no shortage of love. However, I cling to every morsel that falls from their mouths (or markers in this case).

The Story

As I came in the front door from being away with my husband for our 29th anniversary weekend at the lake, my daughter had just walked. …

Is There Any Place Better Than Clearwater Beach?

My Clearwater Beach

The air I breathe when stepping on the beach is like a salve for my soul! Instantly, I drift into an entranced state of delight. The steel drum music floats by my ears to my delight. Filling my lungs with the scent of salt air, sand, and coconut sunscreen carries me away to another time when days were simpler and times were happier.

So I ask you, is there any place better than Clearwater Beach?

Miles and miles of white shimmering sand line the coast with relaxation and laughter. …

10 Tips to Ease the Stress of Parenting in Any Crisis.

I have heard the question so many times… How do I parent in times of crisis? And… what do I tell the kids now?

Americans are getting a crash course in parenting in 2020! YIKES

I can tell you 9/11 was a pre-cursor to 2020, I never knew would “help” deal with the crisis of this age! The day the twin towers came down, all of America stood still. Grief and fear struck the country like it had not in years. Almost 19 years ago, I sat in my family room doubting the future and all I knew to be…

The Joys of Parenting Adult Children

Today, I rest in my comfy white chair with the sun pouring through my studio window. Reflecting on my 4 children, I am loving the joys of parenting these 4 adults. It’s a wonderful feeling to know they are well and thriving. All over 20 now, I am immensely proud of each of them. Although, not every day is spent reminiscing good days gone by.

For sure, they are the “Oh Happy” to my “Day”, the skip in my step, the peanut butter to my jelly. …

Taking Classes in my Empty Nest

How can I learn a new skill when my brain is supersaturated? I suppose I should explain what I mean here! When my 4 children were ages 1, 3, 5 and 7 my sweet Mama used to tell me my brain was supersaturated. She likened my ability to hold information to that of a sponge. She said my brain was saturated with diapers, feeding times, meal plans, doctor’s appointments… you get the drift. My supersaturated brain simply released information that was not important to hold on to. (That was so nice of her, wasn’t it? Ha!)

Exploring all Tampa Has to Offer I See the Error of My Thoughts!

As I have been writing this Empty-Nesting blog series, I was afraid this time would be boring. I guess I was bored. Being a researcher, I decided to look specifically at the city I live in, Tampa, FL. Going out on a Friday night near Howard Ave. and the like seems to attract a much younger, albeit fun crowd. As much as I try to look as young as I can, 50 cannot pass for 20 something! (Myth debunked! Ha-ha)

Not ready for the Denny’s Early Bird Special days, I began researching the area for fun and active things to…

Pandemic, Financial Distress, Job Searching, Stay Safe, and Stay Home… Grandson!

We are in a global pandemic. Did you hear me? The first in 100 years; there is so much to be sad about. Celebrities are pouring their art and souls (see what I did there?) into videos to distract us from the impending doom the news informs us of every day. Yet, there is one thing that will turn my day around no matter the circumstance. If I am struggling with the pandemic, quarantine, finances, or job searching, there is my Grandson. …

Take on the Empty Nest with a Renewed Sense of Passion #LikeaBoss

I feel the best way to empty-nest is “like a boss”, wouldn’t you agree? Rap artist Slim Thug recorded a track in 2005 called “Like a Boss.” The song listed, in a call and response style, things he would do throughout his day, like a boss. In 2009, comedian Andy Samberg and The Lonely Island parodied their own version of the song and debuted it on SNL. From there, the phrase became a popular saying with kids and adults alike. My kids yelled that very statement to me from down the hall all the time.

That said, I have made…

What is the difference between common empty nesting and empty-nest syndrome?

Empty nesting is a time all parents will enter. It is a natural occurrence. However, it is best to be prepared for it so it does not rear its ugly head into a “syndrome.” In the following paragraphs, let us explore the difference between empty nesting and empty-nest syndrome and start thinking about what you can do to avoid it.

What is an Empty Nest?

An empty-nester is one whose children have grown up and left the home to pursue their own lives. Many parents are elated to progress their young to this stage and wave them off and on their way. Some struggle with…

A Look into the Fears of an Empty Nesting Woman During a Global Pandemic.

As I pour a glass of wine and settle down to my desk, I am prompted to write about my empty nesting fears. It’s a warm May evening and my husband is away having a chat with his good friend, and I find myself alone in the house wondering who I am. This is the common theme of my stream of consciousness as of late. Since the kids all went their separate ways, in fact, I have wondered who I could be other than Mom. …

Simply Sunni — Sunni Baerwalde

I promise to give you my best work and attention to detail. Whether needing creative guidance or full copy, I have you covered.

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