While new reality forced teams to collaborate remotely, the need for socialization is growing, hence virtual team buildings come into the picture. Thanks to modern technologies, it’s never being easier to run interactive workshop online. Last week a group of enthusiasts met together to practice brainstorming activities to see how we can put new technologies to work. Having a good facilitation plan and the right tools was essential to make remote session working. Discussion topics were “How remote team could establish effective working agreements” and “How to run working agreement session remotely”.


Brainstorming session requires collaborative board where…

The Scrum Master is a management role in Scrum — it is not a title or position in an organization. The Scrum Master has (but not limited to) two main areas of accountabilities: 1) Removing impediments and 2) Managing Scrum processes in an organisation.

At the beginning of 2010, I joined as a Scrum Master to work in a large-scale program driven by Scrum and LeSS. My job title was a Group Leader, which in itself implied having some authority to lead a smaller group of developers which we call the Scrum Team. The program consisted of 15 Scrum Teams…

One day, a software engineer approached me with a very peculiar inquiry. He was pretty determined to try out the role of becoming a Scrum Master, and was seeking for some guidance on how to become successful in this transition. At the beginning, it was refreshing and heartening to meet someone so eager to start on this new and fulfilling journey. However, throughout our discussion, I had slowly realised what his true motives for becoming a Scrum Master were.

He had revealed that he had first desired to become a project manager before the idea of becoming a Scrum Master…

Slava Moskalenko

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