Or why you shouldn’t go to see Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker.

And maybe all sequels, remakes, reboots, prequels too.

What? An other prohibition?

After the meat, the plastic, the gas, or the Black Friday, now I can’t go to see Star Wars?


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The other day,

As many of you, I guess, I have seen the last new trailer of “Star Wars — Episode IX: The Rise of Skywalker”, and as usual, it was huge, epic, beautiful, and it made me want to see this shivering new opus!

But do you remember the episode VIII? With the same kind of trailer, and the same impressions? And the episode VII before that too? …

When musical listening just becomes musical consumption

The other day,

In a very nostalgic mood, I was thinking about those moments of musical fullness when, just as a teenager, I was lying on my bed, listening carefully to some CD albums about to become cults for me and you.

Up The Bracket, Americana, Room On Fire, Origin Of Simmetry, Silent Alarm, Turn On The Bright Lights, Hot Fuss…

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Yes, on the top-right it’s a real old-school Discman guys ;)

Ahhh, good times!

But wait…

When was the last time you just rest to really listen to some music? I mean, without doing anything else but listen? No smartphone, no computer, no games, not even books, JUST LISTEN. …

Steven Porquier

T H E . O T H E R . D A Y S _ Digital Art Director _ Music addict _ 80/90’s geeky boy _ Music-player/composer _ Live in Paris.

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