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40 plus but believe you can still dress with a bit of funk? Everyone’s definition of funk is different. This is my funk . Shop the look! A continuing update on current brands & styling that I gain inspiration from and my reviews on any purchases.

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Do you see a picture of an outfit on social media and wonder where they got it? Where did they buy it, how they put it together? In these what’s inspiring Lucy blogs I gather some items currently available on the market that I like and share them…

Recently I wrote about booking a holiday to Europe. Since then I’ve joined a couple of travel groups which discuss tips for packing and travelling.

The amount of people who manage to travel with carry on only is surprising, but I do think the American carry on is more than our Australian 7 kilogram (15lb) weight and size of luggage! The main message that’s come through these sites however is pack lightly as the streets in some places are cobblestones and often a lot of stairs where you may find yourself carrying your luggage.

In the past I admit I…

A love story

I was young, a parent of young children and now also facing life without husband, my soulmate.

At 32 I had been with my husband since I was 16 and married for 10 years. We had 3 children 2,5 and 9. I adored my husband. Whilst out I would find myself looking at him across a room in mid conversation. I’d watch his laughter and mannerisms and think I was so lucky he’d asked ME to be his wife, that he married me. I loved him and loved being his wife. I was the person he was going home with that night, every night. He died on the 24th of March 2000 after fighting cancer for the…

Holidaying in Europe

The Desire to Travel

Since being thirty something I have entertained the idea of a European holiday, my 20 year wait has ended.

I live in Australia so going to Europe is a pretty big deal, not to mention expensive, and it’s definitely not a weekend get away. It is one of those experiences in the lives of many Australians like myself that is a fortunate experience and not something taken for granted, unless of course you are super wealthy and can travel without worrying about the expense or travel for work and they pay for it. It’s approximately eighteen and a half hours of flying and from the time of departure in Melbourne to the time of arrival in Europe and a full 24 hours of time total with airport stop overs. Many have done this before us but the thought of being in an airplane that long is daunting to me.

I can’t sleep sitting up, and when I can’t sleep I feel really grumpy! Jane said to me, ‘mum, it’s shit, it really is, but it’s doable’.

Harry and I travelled to Fiji as young 18 year olds, then for our Honey Moon six months after marrying at 23, we embarked on our first big overseas trip. The day before going I had a positive pregnancy test. We flew out to America and Canada. …

Do you think of climbing a mountain but don’t think you can. Nor did I !

Climbing Emeishan #Emeishan #Mt Éméi was one of the hardest but best things I have ever done. It’s basically 50kms of stairs over 2 days to reach the Golden Summit at 3099metres/10,126ft.

Each step is one step closer to the Golden Summit that sits up above the clouds. That was the allure of deciding to take on the challenge at the start. Climbing a mountain that’s summit is higher than the clouds. Once that was suggested to me the seed was planted. The stairway to heaven. The challenge was accepted and now completed. I got so much more out of…

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Ups, downs, inspirations and tragedy. This is my life

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