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A Design sprint is a time-constrained, five-phase process that uses design thinking to reduce the risk when bringing a new product, service or a feature to the market.

If you’re thinking about doing your first sprint ever, follow this article when talking with clients, developers, and even designers.

Use the accompanying documents, and practice how to introduce, frame, and pitch Design Sprints — both to internal team members and to prospect new clients.

And why you shouldn’t let them turn into the Nakagin Capsule Tower

Photography — “1972”, Noritaka Minami

A regular Saturday. Drinking coffee at Toby’s and reading the paper that was waiting in the morning in front of our door. The New York Times Magazine is featuring a piece about making murica great again — on the cover. I’m almost hesitant to flip through it. At least Travel is going to be Trump-free, I think to myself.

And then an interesting photo captures my attention. One of those graphical, pattern infused, and definitely sci-fi scenes that immediately remind me to of brutalist architecture — embraced by Kubrick and seen every time anyone visits Belgrade.

Nakagin Capsule Tower

The article is about…

8 Common prototyping pitfalls

An increasing number of designers prototype on a regular basis, with a lot more interested in incorporating it in their design process. And rightly so — prototyping is very useful for exploring swift product solutions. Prototyping can significantly speed up the process in a savvy team, although it can often go wrong. Let’s explore how to design prototypes in a quick and successful manner, how to introduce them to clients, how to manage expectations, and, in the end, how to successfully collaborate, at the same time avoiding common pitfalls.

At Five & Shoutem, mobile design and development agency and mobile…

I want to start by saying that we’re testing [the product], and not you. You can’t do or say anything wrong, and nothing is going to hurt our feelings.

…at least that’s what we at Five and Shoutem say to every single user during our in-person testing sessions. And we mean it. We’re not actually testing the user, right? We’re testing the product, regardless of the stage it’s in — from a concept to a healthy, released product.

When we’re at the very beginning of a new project and validating a product idea through testing, we are miles away from…

After almost 7 years, Brlog has come to a full stop.

This, very special term — at least in my mind — represents a complex layers of memories, laughter, work, hallway moments, teammates, all-nighters, parties, growing up, presentations, elections and most importantly, people. I’d like to thank some of them.

Thank you.

Thank you, Davor and Nikola for seeing the potential in a freelancer still attending school, in providing the opportunities, the wisdom, and the platform.

Thank you, che for being a true partner and a friend. This ride wouldn’t have been fun (or possible) without you.

Thank you, Bruno for joining…

by Tin Kadoić, Creative Director at Five.

Or how Design Sprints got the treatment they deserve, just in time.

Design Sprints didn’t have a wiki? True. Until today.

Design Sprints, the touted design process, is not something that has only changed the way our design team at Five and myself engage in problems on mobile, but it has affected the way a lot of smart people tackle tough issues.

Leaders like GV, thoughtbot, Clearleft and IDEO have paved the road for anyone (and everyone) to use guidelines and implement this process when launching a new product or struggling with features, flows, and experiences in an existing one.

In my continuous research for new case studies, perspectives…

I’ll tell you honestly — I have mixed feelings about writing a “year in review”. Often times it feels like a boasting competition. Who collected the most miles, lectures, awards or crossed off bucket list items. On the other hand, it’s extremely healthy to stop, reflect, recap and honestly, just remember the good (and less good) times one had during a year. I wrote one last year, and there were again some incentives (Tobias van Schneider) that inspired me to write one for 2015.

Design Spri… Marathon

First thing’s first: design. I’m not quite sure how the titans of Design Sprint do it…

for restaurants

Tools, methodologies and processes from the UX toolbox help us think holistically about a product or a service: having the business and user needs in mind, as well as the data that supports it. One can’t but wonder why at least a portion of that knowledge isn't implemented more in our, so called, real lives.

Desert at the Gramercy Tavern, photography by ht — https://www.flickr.com/photos/naftels/6163485860

Let’s take, for instance, the elaborate restaurant business — where chefs and business owners try to focus on a lot of things. To name a few: the quality of produce, creativity in menu innovation, interior hip factor, diversity in the liquor list, etc. They search…

As a younger designer, I loved putting an inspiring but somewhat funny tagline in the footer of my portfolio. The last one to stand (and it’s still there on my outdated portfolio) goes like this:

2008 is huge! Live the dream.

How interesting is it to look back and realize that dreaming big really does wonders. I’m once again in this magic moment. The year of 2014 was truly exceptional (for the lack of a better term). …

Start with these three principles.

For the past few years, I've been devoting a large portion of my work time to education. I focused on transferring knowledge and experiences with Interaction Design to my students. The students at the School of Design in Zagreb are what you call classically trained and fall mostly under the industrial / graphic designer category (this is the education I undertook as well).

Although the curriculum is ever-changing (and constantly updated to reflect industry trends), certain issues constantly pop-up and similar problems reappear (albeit slightly altered). …

Tin Kadoic

👊 Designer. Lead @airbnbdesign. Core team @IxDAEurope and #designsprint ambassador. ✗CD @sypartners, @fivenyc, @bruketazinic, @studijdizajna.

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