How Favor Turns Strangers into friends

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Prologue – Creating Community One Favor at a Time

The story behind Favor, a new app-powered delivery service, starts with a daydream. When co-founders Zac Maurais and Ben Doherty worked together delivering pizzas in high school, on-demand and catch-all delivery services didn’t even exist. Even basic delivery services were much more limited and costs were prohibitive, so the two would often fantasize about having their very own “gofer” to fetch them whatever they needed. …

Wired Magazine & Jack Daniels are putting on a Shark Tank-style event in a few cities this March. Ben Doherty and I are the judges for Austin. The winning pitch wins $5,000 & a strong drink on the rocks ;)

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Favor explored what it means to deliver in 2016. What we found might surprise you. Spoiler Alert: There’s a penguin inside.

Repost. Original article can be seen on the Favor blog here. The Creative team did a great job pulling the 2016 recap together!

Whether it’s fifty thousand diapers or one last minute penguin suit, Favor delivers what the world needs now. And in 2016, the world needed us a lot. Our runners traveled the distance from the Earth to the Moon and back thirteen times! So, hop on and let us take you on an insightful journey through the world of Favor in 2016.

Favor Food Trends of 2016

Favor delivers what the world eats now. And the world was mighty hungry this year. We…

This article is a re-post. The original story can be found here.

Austinites Ben Doherty and Zac Maurais built an on-demand delivery app from scratch. They started with two things, a great idea and a “Coding for Dummies” book. Now you can get anything delivered in Austin from food trailers and local restaurants to grocery items just by using the mobile app Favor.

Two young guns with a big idea have turned their on-demand delivery app Favor into a booming business in Austin. Favor’s drivers aren’t just delivery drivers; they’re personal assistants with the details at your fingertips.

When an entire company can agree and believe in their values it empowers everyone to make a massive impact on the business. Execs sitting around a table listing generic mottos and phrases results in a watered down message that likely is not what the company actually believes and is inspired by. Instead, values need to come directly from the employees.

This spring the “Culture Committee” was formed. The team included representation from across the organization. Their objective was to make self-explanatory, fun values that are true to us. Their role was no easy task.

Values Criteria:

  • Reflect historical values, yet be FORWARD…

In 1992 Check Daly assembled USA’s famous Olympic basketball team. Jordan. Pippen. Bird. ‘A Players’ at every position on the floor. They were the greatest team ever assembled. Over 20 years ago in Barcelona no opposing team stood a chance.

Investing in people is the best thing a startup can do. Below are a few notes, learnings and challenges my team and I have experienced while recruiting talent for Favor.

People are complex individuals. We’re all motivated by different things. I try to ask questions and listen. Open ears. In my humble opinion, it’s best to be empathetic. I put…

Food for Thought

“The domestic take-out market is $70 billion annually,” GrubHub CEO and co-founder Matt Maloney said in an interview with “Closing Bell.” Grubhub/Seamless is the biggest player in the US, and on track to process $3 billion this year. It sounds like a big number, that’s only the existing take out market. It’s significantly larger as traditional offline phone orders move online. Arron Levie put it well with a tweet, “Sizing the market for a disruptor based on an incumbent’s market is like sizing the car industry off how many horses there were in 1910.”

When you look…

Above quote from First Round Capital.

As a founder, I’m helping shape Favor’s DNA. We’re scaling our team fast so it’s important we remain true to the ideals we started with. Culture is NOT bean bags, pets at work and nerf guns. Rather, it’s what we as a team believe, think, feel and do.

The values below guide our actions and influence our choices.

Austin, TX — January 19th, 2014 — Favor, the mobile app that allows you to have anything you crave delivered, is extending its Texas stronghold to include Houston. The app, which was developed by entrepreneurs and former pizza delivery guys, Zac Maurais and Ben Doherty, makes ordering your favorite food as simple as tapping a button.

Favor has gained a significant consumer base in Austin, where it first launched in June 2013 and now employees over 700 tuxedo-t-shirt wearing runners across Austin, Dallas & Boston — and now Houston. …

Zac Maurais

Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up / Picasso

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