What We Talk about When We Talk about Free ICO Listing: Websites

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Jul 13, 2018 · 4 min read

With all kinds of ICO-related prices soaring, getting your token published on a listing website for free might be a good option to consider. However, in order to get your digital asset listed without charge, it should go through an application process. In this article not only will we examine that process, but also give you some useful hints on how to actually nail it.

Why do you need to get your token listed there anyway?

Although having your token listed on ICO listing websites is not as vital as on exchanges, it’s still worth doing. Mainly because it’s a great way to promote your altcoin, reach a larger number of potential investors, and bring in new blood to your community. Also, it will help you increase your credibility on the market. Being listed on at least 4 or 5 respectable websites will make your ICO project much more trustworthy.

How do you prepare your application?

The application process can take two forms: either filling out an online application form or e-mailing the listing website of your choice directly. One way or the other, you should have all the particulars regarding your ICO project figured out and be able to provide the information listed below.

1. Know thy product and thy token

Let’s start with the token. Application forms for most listing websites will ask you to supply some concrete details, including but not limited to:

As for the product, the most important part is a well-written white paper, which must be prepared and published. Besides, it’s highly likely that listing websites will request a brief concept description stating the value of your product and the features that will help it stand out on the market.

2. Submit the brand

However obvious this may sound, by the time you submit an ICO to a listing website, the brand image should already have been created. Such items as the project’s name and logo as well as the aforementioned token’s name and ticker must be ready since you’ll need to submit them when filling out an application form. Furthermore, the project’s official website has to be built and correctly functioning.

3. Social Media

Listing websites will absolutely require that you provide links to all the ICO’s social media profiles, especially on such essential platforms as Twitter, Telegram, Bitcointalk, and Medium. It won’t hurt, naturally, if you add Facebook, Reddit, Slack, or YouTube — the more the better. Be aware, however, that only creating profiles won’t suffice; what such websites will actually check is your community and its vibrancy.

4. Get ready for verification

When reviewing an application, listing websites perform a team background check. And while you can’t really affect the reputation earned by your colleagues and yourself in the community, what you can do is create verifiable, professional-looking profiles on LinkedIn. It goes without saying that it would be best if every person on board also has other means of communication, such as a personal Twitter profile or Telegram.

How do you find free listing websites?

By carrying out extensive research, of course. There are numerous aggregations online like Top ICO Listing Sites which can significantly narrow down your choice. After that, you need to check out every website separately to explore the possibility of publishing your altcoin without any fees.

We’ve done part of the work for you and drawn up a list of several free websites:

1. ICO Alert

2. ICObazaar

3. ICO bench

4. ICO Tracker

5. ICO Drops

Pros and cons of listing for free

Whereas the pros of getting your token listed without any fees are obvious, it’s worth paying attention to the cons. First of all, be prepared to wait. Since the websites that publish ICOs cost-free receive a plethora of applications, considering, approving, and finally listing your token may take some time. Second of all, even if you get your altcoin added to the website without any cash outlay, there might be some useful additional services that you’ll need to pay for. Finally, the ranking of your ICO on paid websites partly depends on the type of promotional package you buy, which is not an option on a free platform.

Final thoughts

Submitting your ICO to a free listing website is worth trying and is actually more doable than it might seem at first. Nevertheless, if you have any difficulties and need a hand, be sure to reach out to us at AssetRush.


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