Void of Nothing

A journey with death

Christopher Madsen
Jan 5 · 2 min read
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Photo by Eyasu Etsub on Unsplash

In the end, we begin our drift through the void.
We are crossing a spiritual barrier encased by knowledge of our sphere.
Life is a gift, nothing but unknown dangers we can avoid.
Death has brought us to float, abandoning our shore.
Into the darkness, we glide with nothing left to explore.

Darkness knows no fear.
In the darkness, there is no witness of tears.

Darkness has taken our hand.
We now set sail towards a mysterious land.

A place is devoid of light where we separate our souls.
Replace what we have been with nothing from before.
Thoughts of doubt vanish with our skin.
Memory fades to empty our judgment innocent of sin.
Again we return to our spiritual fate.

Again we welcome to empty what we once were.
The vastness of space takes shame from ignorant words we have heard.
Our vessel drains the curse found from our growth.
We rest as we drift without course tied to a boat.

Forgotten is the past of things we have done.
We replenish adrift among the silence of song.

Surrender our soul again to the shadow of night.
Destiny waits for a challenge to love through our fight.

The spark of awareness is our last ghost, undone.
We then are presented to the source complete to be one.

Copyright Christopher Madsen 2021


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