Villarreal CF: A Symbol of Spain

Over the summer, I was engulfed in the Spanish culture. From the new scenery to the Mediterranean diet, I now feel a special connection with the country. My journey as an intern has been full of surprises, and the experience was surreal.

I began the first day of my internship at the train station in Valencia, Spain. The ride took about an hour, and my supervisor was waiting for me at the other end. We drove to the soccer club’s headquarters in Vila-real, Spain.

The site was incredible. The buildings were massive and were surrounded by soccer fields. It was something that I had never seen before. As I walked closer to the entrance, I felt an excitement take over my body.

Walking in, I was greeted by so many people. They said hola to me with a pleasant smile. I could see the gentle life of Spain in their eyes. It was a truly remarkable view.

Meeting with the other staff made the trip all the better. They were so kind and helpful. It was like I was instantly part of a new family. I was missing mine so much, but they made the transition smoother.

The intern room was full of the team’s memorabilia. From the canvas pictures on the wall to glass plaques, the Yellow Submarine had a strong presence inside. Even the chairs had the Villarreal CF logo on them.

My supervisors took me next to see the press room. Again, I was amazed even as a soccer novice. Sitting behind the press box was unreal. Being so close to the microphone made me feel like one of the players.

Some of my beginning tasks were right in the heart of the club. I had the pleasure of doing in-depth research of their social media platforms, as well as write professional articles. By researching and writing about the sport, I found a new passion for soccer.

As the weeks went by, I got into the swing of things. More so, I began to open up to my colleagues. We created a closer connection with each other by going through the same roller coaster of obstacles throughout the internship.

Villarreal CF has supported me in every aspect, and I grew fond of the club. It no longer felt like work. I was showing up because I liked what I did. No, rather, I loved it. In fact, I loved what the club stands for so much that I got a tattoo of their logo.

These last two months have flown by. It felt like just yesterday that I had first set foot in Vila-real, Spain. My mind is full of incredible memories. I will miss the friendships I have made the most. The staff is now like my second family because they are my soccer heroes.

The Yellow Submarine means more than just the sport for me. It represents this incredible trip I have had the pleasure of going on. I will always remember Villarreal CF as my symbol of Spain.

2017 Villarreal CF Interns

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