GAFAM do not sell our data ! Really ?

Of course they do NOT free our data, and don’t want to !

Pascal Kotté
Oct 13, 2017 · 1 min read

Honestly, if they were able to make more money by selling our data, they will ! But it is really a LOT more profitable to say: “No, I will never sell your data”, and selling the “popup” a targeted publicity, more higher recurring cost, when deep targeted, to your profile ! Doing such, they still be the single organisation able to target you ! No workaround, want B2C ? No way, Facebook, or LinkedIn, or Google, only the answer… No OpenData !

So be confident, they will NEVER sell your data, but they will enhance more & more their targeting and profiling capabilities, to know precisely everything about you! Which disease you have, remedies you take, what you eat, sport, habits, moves, travels, phantasm, dreams, terrors, fears, etc…


They do not WANT you keep any rights for PRIVACY, and they REPEAT to engrave in your mind: That is useless, dangerous, very dangerous (terrorism), will naturally vanished ! So you have “Nothing to hide !” they repeat, and we bet stupidly ! That’s a point were probably abot all “Partnership on AI” foundators, are all agree to collaborate…

But it is false, we all need privacy !

Photo nude your wife ? Your tax bill ? Your salary sheet ? …

Fed up this ? Join our project and our


You are what you sign, accepting Terms of Services without…

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