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#GraknLovesTech: 24th December 2016

Raphaëlle Roffo
Dec 24, 2016 · 5 min read
Source: Adobe Stock photo by Julien Gremillot

Here at Grakn Labs we love technology. So much so, that, this month, we’ve decided to share our favourite technology moments from 2016. Each weekday during December, we will open a window on our virtual advent calendar, and peek inside to recall some of the greatest innovation or news that the past year has brought us.

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Today is the very last day of our #GraknLovesTech Advent calendar! As we’re all getting ready to celebrate — or rushing for some super last-minute gift shopping — we would like to share with you some of the coolest gadgets that you can find on the letters to Santa written by people in this office. So here are 12 days of Christmas (you got that one, right?) worth of techie gadgets. We hope you enjoy it and would love to hear about the gadgets you found exciting!


  1. System76 Laptops

The Linux lovers in this office (poke poke Filipe Pinto Teixeira) usually visit this page for some laptop window shopping; nothing fancy, pure efficiency and CPU performance. Oh yeah.

2. Apple’s Lifeprint Photo and Video printer

Because we are open-minded, there also are big Apple fans among us, and our founder got super psyched with this one. Remember, in Harry Potter, how the characters printed on paper can move, wave at you, etc? Well, magic is coming true:

3. The DJI Mavic drone

We can’t possibly publish a 2016 cool gadget list without drones! So here is the latest baby from DJI, featuring a stunning 4k ultra HD video and 12-megapixel camera. Say no more, they got us there.


4. Canon EOS 1D X DSLR Digital Camera Body

A few of our engineers are also secretly great (and very shy) photographers. This new toy by Canon sits on the “I’ll need to break the piggy bank” wish list for a couple of us!


5. HTC Vive

The result of a partnership between HTC and Valve, Vive promises to take the VR gaming experience to a whole next level. The reason that this one sits higher on our wish list than other is that it is already compatible with quite a few games on the market. That doesn’t sound too promising for our already inactive social life…. Hmmm

Vive demo


We love music and some of us are quite picky with their sound quality so a big share of the gadgets that get us excited include wireless, noise cancelling and other fancy headphones. Here are two of our absolute favourites:

6. The Jaybird X3 headphones

The new Jaybird are out! Jason and I are big fans of the X-series (being quite active and a cyclist, they literally changed my life), and the new ones feature a very exciting souf profile settings for Android 4.4+ and iOS9+ users.

7. Libratone Q Adapt on-ear headphones

Because there is a weird fetish for ultra hi-tech headphones and earplugs among our employees, and the noise cancelling technology is one of the most comfortable things we can think of. Also, wired headsets are so 2015.

8. Halo Neuroscience

Ok, not exactly for music, but here is an interesting one. Our founder recently bought this neuro-stimulating headset. It is mean Doesn’t he look adorable with this “performance enhancing” device?


9. The SensorWake Olfactory Alarm Clock

Because the French representative here thinks that her fellow countrymen deserve some space in this list. And also because there is nothing best than waking up to the smell of freshly baked croissants.


10. The MIITO kettle

It’s no secret that we, at Grakn Labs, drink a LOT of tea, so it won’t surprise you that we fell in love with this project! We love that it’s a great solution to save energy and that it can also heat other liquids than water. How brilliant is that?

11. The Juicero juicer

So this is for Sheldon (our resident Physics PhD … not to be confused with this Sheldon). After years in stealth and $90 million of investment from Silicon Valley heavyweights, Juicero has finally released their much anticipated “premium K cups for cold press juice”. At $699 a pop and $8 per juice pack, we’re skeptical enough to want Santa to drop us some for free, just to see what all the fuss is about.

12. The molecular gastronomy kit

The last gadget on our list! Because, like I said, food is a religion in this office — and so is science — here is a kit for those food wizards out there:

We had a great ton of fun writing this series of#GraknLovesTech blogs and we hope you had quite as much fun reading us. We’ll be back in January with a lot more exciting news and developments so, stay tuned! Merry Christmas and best wishes from the Grakn Labs!

GRAKN.AI is an open-source knowledge graph data platform that brings knowledge ontologies and transactional data together to enable highly intelligent querying of data. Querying is performed through Graql, a declarative, knowledge-oriented graph query language for retrieving explicitly stored and implicitly derived information, and for performing graph analytics and automated reasoning. Grakn and Graql will help you effectively manage and harness large-scale graph data by allowing you to model it expressively, migrate it efficiently, and to draw insightful knowledge from your deep information network.

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