The Knowledge: February 2017

News & Views from the Knowledge Graph Space

Jo Stichbury
Feb 28, 2017 · 3 min read
“Taxis” by daliscar1 is licensed under CC BY 2.0

In a series of monthly posts, we curate links to recent articles that the GRAKN.AI team have found interesting. We aim to highlight useful discussions and news for our smart and curious community. Please let us know in the comments what you think of our choices!

We are calling the posts in this series “The Knowledge” — we figured that the name of the blog series is especially appropriate because “The Knowledge” is also the name for the in-depth study of streets and places that taxicab drivers here in London must complete to obtain a licence to drive an official black cab. There’s a great video documentary about it over on youtube.

Mark Watson published a great story showing how to use a basic graph model to capture chatbot interactions, building a recipe bot that lets people request recipes based on specified ingredients or cuisines:

We liked the “Anarchy in the AI” subtitle in this piece from Veritone, which likens the growth in the AI technology sector to a gold rush, with a “horde of algorithms, each with a different purpose, capability and specialty...”:

In a recent video that caught our attention, Andrew Brust of Datameer argued how Machine Learning and AI are impacting the data industry, technologies, and mainstream society:

Another month, another article about the rise and rise of graph databases:

Top News from GRAKN LABS

February was a hectic month for us at GraknLabs. Our big news was that we were selected as a Top 50 Startup, beating off huge competition to be among 50 Companies to join Startup Grind’s 2017 Global Startup Program:

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Recent stories

This month, we published a broad range of stories that saw us hit new highs in visitor numbers. We offer a big thank-you to our readers for their shares, recommendations and, most of all, their time!

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