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“Moorish Chief”, Eduard Charlemont, Austrian, 1848–1906

From 711A.D. began an increased European connection to other parts of the African / Islamic World — The Moorish Empire.

Few are familiar with Moorish history and far too many of them have misconceived notions of who we (The Moors) truly are.

Even more so, most people are completely unaware of our existence and the unquantifiable impact we’ve had on the advancement of the human race.

In case you’ve forgotten (or haven’t been exposed to this history), here are a few portraits of Moors:

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Artist: José Tapiro y Baro (1836, Spain — 1913, Tangier)

The Moorish Empire (also known as the Moroccan Empire) was the largest empire known to history; larger than the Roman Empire. …

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Imagine this simple scene:
You have a child at school reading stories about the “Black Knight”, and the “Black Death” and the “Black Plague”. And then the child thinks, “Oh, and I’m a black child”…

Why are people are so wedded to the term “black”?
By definition “Black” deludes to slavery, wickedness and death

And the justification for it is, “Well, it’s because the European made it negative.”

It’s the Europeans word, it was negative before it was applied to African people. It’s like they’re getting it backwards.

It isn’t that Europeans said “We’re gonna make this word “black” negative in order to accommodate our desire to devalue African people, or dark complexioned Asian people, or dark complexioned Native Americans.” …

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Look up names. Look up places.
You want to figure out who these people are.
What these places are.
Get a feel for them, get adventurous. Look them up in the Bible dictionary.
In my opinion, you can’t have enough dictionaries.

You have to have a bunch of reference books:

  • A dictionary with the etymology brackets,
  • Hebrew lexicon,
  • Strong Concordance and lastly,
  • A Metaphysical Bible dictionary

When it comes to dictionaries and reference materials, I say, “Get them all!”

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Studying is like putting a puzzle together.
Words are pieces to a puzzle.
Until you start breaking some of the pieces down, you don’t know how the puzzle is going to look like. …



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