How to start making money on binary options trading. 5 easy steps

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We get a lot of questions from beginners and those who want to learn more about binary options. Based on your questions, we have compiled a selection of posts and videos. So today we will tell you the first five steps to binary options trading. This video will be interesting for absolute beginners in trading.

In the video, we used signals for binary options vfxAlert

Therefore, let’s first talk about what binary options are. Binary options — a transaction on one of the exchanges, the purpose of which is to make a profit on transactions when the currency rises or falls.

And, if your transaction was successful, that is, you correctly predicted the movement of the currency, then you will return the invested amount and earn a percentage. Binary options trades can be opened from $ 1. If your forecast turned out to be incorrect and the transaction failed, then you lose this money.

And in order to correctly predict market movements, a trader needs tools for trading. One of these tools are signals for binary options vfxAlert. But we will return to them a little later.

How the signals of binary options vfxAlert work, you will find here —

Now let’s move on to the next question, registering with a broker on the platform. A link with a list of verified brokers will be in the description. And here we show how to register using the example of one of them.

To register you will need: provide an email address and come up with a password. You can also register through your Facebook or Google account.

As it was said at the beginning of the video, many traders use additional tools. We will tell you about vfxAlert signals that you need to use to be sure of your decision, and in the form of additional insurance for the transaction. And by the way, these signals work on the platform of any broker, which makes them one of the best signal providers.

How to register and start receiving signals?

To register, you will need to enter an email address, enter and come up with a password. There are free and paid signals, the only difference is in advanced functionality.

You can also have two use cases, either open the signals in a browser or download the application to your computer.

In combination, if you have your own working strategy, use broker tools and use signals for binary options when trading, then the profit will always be stable.

How to start using signals? Enter this site in the address bar of the browser, if you have not registered yet, do it now. Next, to open the signals in the browser, click the green button. You can select signals in your own timeframe on which you trade. To download the application, click the blue button, then select the Windows system that you use on your computer. Log in to your account, and now you can use the signals. For owners of computers on the MAC OS, there is also an instruction on the site, a link to it will be in the video description.

Let’s move on to the trade itself. To learn how to trade, first deal with the tools, which of them serve for what, and how to handle them. The Binomo broker website has training materials on all the tools they have. If you are new, read this information first.

Start trading on a demo account. When you understand how signals and instruments work, only then go on to trading for real money. Opening a transaction is a very easy and simple process. But for successful trading and making a profit, you need to have your own strategy and knowledge. To understand why and how the market is moving, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with additional materials for beginners. The link will also be in the description.

Let’s try to make a couple of deals. To begin with, we choose the currency in which we will trade, then we select signals using the same parameters. If necessary, wait for the signals to update and only then proceed to trade. It is also very important to choose a strategy that you will follow.

I know everything about binary options! Or almost everything …