A Visit to the largest medical aesthetic clinic in London — Ai Beauty Clinic

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5 min readNov 18, 2018

One afternoon in London, walking into the exquisite Grade II listed ancient building in Oxford Street in central London, we arrived at the Ai Beauty Clinic, a very famed aesthetic clinic in London, UK and sat on the comfortable sofa at the first floor, waiting for the Interviewee the well-known aesthetic team of Ai Beauty Clinic in UK, to be interviewed over the Asian aesthetic treatment trends.

Ai Beauty Clinic located at a Grade II listed building in Oxford Street in central London

Traveling for Plastic Surgery has high risk

When people mention plastic surgery, they think of South Korea. Is it because Korean girls are bold enough to take cosmetic surgery? Dr. Zunaid, a medical director, laughed when he heard this. He said, “The Ai Beauty Clinic in London, UK, is now focusing on Asian female customers in the UK and I has been doing research on anti-aging topics for many years. More than 80% of them are Chinese and less than 10% are Koreans. I believe that Chinese people have more courage to perform surgery than Koreans do, and most of the surgeries are hyaluronic acid, rhinoplasty and Botox.”

Dr. Zunaid has extensive micro-plastic surgery experience and focuses on Asian face and anti-aging topics. He has been reported by many international renowned media and attends plastic surgery technology and technique seminars from time to time, he has great attitude pursuing excellence and professional surgical methods.

With regard to the current phenomenon that Chinese go to South Korea and

South America for plastic surgery, Heidi, the head of the Aesthetic Consultant team at Ai Beauty Clinic, believes that “although the cost of cosmetic surgery abroad is low, there are many other factors need to consider such as the risk of going to South America and other places for cosmetic surgery is high, and going to Korea for cosmetic surgery will be better. But no matter where you go, you must do a research for important information before going abroad for cosmetic surgery, such as the operating environment, equipment, doctors’ licenses, doctors’ experience.

Ai Beauty Clinic Nurse Jenny is doing pre-treatment consultation with patients

In addition, Dr.Ly added: “After all, the government health organizations in the UK have very strict supervision on doctor’s licenses, clinic environment and medical products. Once a medical accident occurs, customers can resort to legal process, and it can be regarded as a relief to consumers.”

Aesthetics of Plastic Surgeons

For a team providing aesthetic treatments, the perspective on beauty is different from ordinary people. Heidi, said: “Everyone has a unique beauty and is born to be beautiful, it is just sometimes we need to find some equilibrium, why some people are willing to do cosmetology treatment, because this would make them feel better (feel good for themselves), and more confident. “

Dr. Ly is in the middle of a treatment with the patient

with regard to the current phenomenon that Chinese women pursue a kind of aesthetics which is more uniform, she, as an Asian, said: “I can help beauty pursuer become more beautiful, but not make them look similar. This is based on the characteristics of each beauty pursuer, sometimes the beauty pursuer is often particularly focused on one specific part of their body, such as the eyes are too small, the nose is too flat, in fact, I usually suggest not focusing too much on a certain part, but the overall.”

Injection trend is like trial pack

Cosmetic surgery is very popular around the world. According to a report just released by the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ISAPS), there were 23 million cosmetic surgery cases worldwide in 2016 alone. Among them, injection of hyaluronic acid, breast augmentation, and injection of Botox are the three most popular cosmetology products.

Why do injection and Injectable filler become new trends? Dr. Zunaid replied that the injection and Injectable filler are like trail pack, no need scalpel, no pain, no side effects, just need lunch break time to make it take effect. Clinically, Dr. Rachel of the Ai Beauty Clinic also found that Asians do injection filler more often than other products of plastic surgery.

Because the effect will disappear in a few months, you don’t have to be worried if it fails. After having the successful experience of micro-plastic surgery, many customers will enhance their trust in plastic surgery and will be more confident in themselves.

The difference between Micro plastic surgery and plastic surgery

Micro-plastic surgery (injection filler) requires repeated treatments, while the effect of plastic surgery is permanent. After a period of consideration and weighing the pros and cons, some beauty pursuers make up their minds to make a thorough change. Among some plastic surgery projects, plastic surgery has unique advantages. For example, for the forehead wrinkles removal treatment. If you have the Botox injection, you would have the effect that the eyebrows are pressed down, it will give you the feeling that the eyebrows were not stretching enough, and the face was pressed. If you have a face-lifting surgery, you can lift your eyebrows up and make you look much younger after the surgery.

Out of the protection for customers, experienced doctors will talk to the patient before any operation, communicate the surgical plan and effect to customers, and make detailed records or photos in case if the customer is not satisfied with the results in the future, the professional doctor will know how to solve it. But the first thing you need to do is looking for a board-certified and professionally trained surgeon to make aesthetic surgery go well and smoothly.

The aesthetic team of Ai Beauty Clinic is staffed by four instructor-level doctors board-certified in the UK, two training nurses who are specialized in Ultherapy, Teosyal, Juvederm, three pre-sales representatives with professional medical background, one online aftercare consultant and two offline cosmetic consultants. A perfect and comprehensive medical aesthetic treatment requires multiple steps and efficient teamwork.