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Clean architecture in Python by Brandon Rhodes

This is the best talk I’ve seen about clean code.

Decoupled code is not about hiding complexity. It’s about separating the logic from the IO.

Inspiring TED Talk — Why good leaders make you feel safe by Simon Sinek

Key to become a good code reviewer: Be Polite and Annoying

By now, we all know how great and useful code reviews are. So let’s skip the blah blah. I’ll show some of my tricks that I (try to) use everyday at work to become a better developer and reviewer during the code review process.

First let’s be polite.

“bugfix + test = done” — a blog post I want every developers to read.

A bugfix without a test is an anti-fix. You heard me — right up there next to the anti-christ himself.

Here’s a link to the original text. Bugfixes without Tests are Anti-fixes

The art of doing twice as much in half the time by Jeff Sutherland