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Why I love the morning

A meditation

This time of the day is mine. All mine.

I wake up between 5:30 and 6. Which is hard when I regularly wake up with…


A short story

by Jonas Ellison

Before boarding the train, I check in with Fear. A casual, unwanted guest who’s followed me along my journey and…


by Jonas Ellison

Since I was a boy, I’ve fought to reach this fence. My father died trying to reach it. His father did too.

The storyteller

by Jonas Ellison

Every day I have an appointment here. At the base of this tree.


by Jonas Ellison

I’m in a sail boat.

On a desert lake.

With no breeze.

A spiritual life requires action.


When I was a kid, I’d pray for stuff and hope it came.

The birth of the ‘plog’

A narrated photo log of the most wonderfully average afternoon

Yesterday afternoon, I got the hankering, yes, I said ‘hankering’, to do…

The awkward high five — a horror story

And how to prevent them

by Jonas Ellison

I get really uncomfortable in groups. I’ll start by saying that.

Conscious Cussing

Because it’s not about WHETHER you cuss. It’s about HOW you cuss.

by Jonas Ellison

Don’t give me ‘great writing’ — Give me a download

A note from your pleading readers

by Jonas Ellison