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GMW B5000

GMW B5000

As the king of accessories that has been in the street for more than two decades, G-SHOCK’s name has not weakened because of its age. Also at the beginning of last year, an official watch news was released in Japan. G-SHOCK once again launched the all-metal model based on the brand’s first watch DW-5000. Heavy masterpiece GMW-B5000.

Let’s talk about the design first, continue to use the square shell that has always been thick. Through the full watch, the stainless steel material from the structure of the strap, the case, and the bezel makes the shockproof structure turn up a few levels; In addition, GMW-B5000d also adds resin in the middle of the case and bezel to reduce external impact again.

In terms of function, the watch is equipped with the BLUETOOTH® Bluetooth connection function and the world’s six bureau standard radio wave automatic time correction. When the watch is paired with a mobile phone, in addition to synchronizing the local time, it can automatically update the time zone and other information, eliminating the need for The trouble of adjusting the time by yourself when you go to the local area. You can even download G-SHOCK Connected’s exclusive app and use your phone to easily set multiple functions, such as world time and alarm.

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