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Tell Me What Bad Little Girls Get?

“Bad little girls get punished, Daddy.”

Tell me what bad little girls get?/ by Laura Knapke/Medium.com A woman wearing just panties standing in front of a man, he has his hands inside her panties on her butt.
Image by Andrea Altini from Pixabay

It had been a late night, and I hadn’t slept but 5 hours. It was time to get up. I was in a nasty bad mood and started pushing my luck with Daddy almost immediately after opening my eyes.

I huffed and got out of bed, stomping to the bathroom, making as much noise as I could, subconsciously trying to get Daddy’s…




A publication that caters to microfiction and flash fiction based explorations of thrill seekng, ranging from 100 to 750 words.

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Laura Knapke

Laura Knapke

I write Hot and Spicy Erotica, Twisted Tales of Horror, Self-help, and other non-fiction.