Micro Erotica
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Micro Erotica

Costume, dog mask, fierce, dangerous, wink, fangs, furry
Image courtesy of M W on Pixabay

Kink | Pet play | D/s

We Played Hide the Treat in His Back Garden

Garth looks cute curled up in his crate, the picture of contentment, although he whined when I locked him in last night.

I get such pleasure from buying him collars and harnesses, to parade him in front of my…



A publication that caters to microfiction and flash fiction based explorations of thrill seekng, ranging from 100 to 750 words.

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Posy Churchgate - Writes & Edits Fiction

Freelance writer — erotic, romance, supernatural, chiller, YA * Edits : TantalizingTales*Teaser Tales* Based in UK