31 days

I realized today while walking to my local supermarket to grab a snack (and catch a few Pokemon on the way) that I have only a month left before I leave to France.

My entire life I feel like I’m always waiting impatiently for the next big event, chopping up my year into checkpoints and waiting rooms; One more month until that concert I’ve been looking forward to; Two more weeks until I start my vacation; One more day until I see that movie I’m looking forward to.

Instead of relying on the stomach-fluttering anticipation to get me through, I need to learn to live more in the present; to enjoy my last month in Finland to the fullest and do the things I won’t be able to do in a while.

As a compulsive planner I find it hard to let go of these plans and be spontaneous. Now as I have recently acquired more responsibilities and will (hopefully) gain a leadership role in the near future, I want to be able to lead in a way that is also fun for me and others around me.

So my objective for next year: find the balance between living for today and planning for tomorrow.

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