7 days

At this time next Monday I will have officially moved to Grenoble, France. I will be settling into my room and praying that the WiFi is decent and going on to wander and revel in my new city.

Right now I feel butterflies in my stomach as I impatiently await new adventures. I also a nostalgia for my homeland I have been coping with by visiting some of my favorite spots for the last time (for nine months at least).

However, I’m not scared. Perhaps it’s the fact that I’ve already lived in France, or the fact that this is the second autumn in a row I am moving to a new place and this time I actually have some prior acquaintances to rely on.

I’m not particularly looking forward to the actual trip as I have chosen to fly to Paris and take an overnight bus to Grenoble, which would have me arriving at 5:00 a.m. I’m sure my snapchat story will be particularly incoherent that night.

À la prochain!

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