æternity Starfleet: The amazing teams we have selected vol.2

After weeks of scouting, reviewing applications and interviewing, we have made the final selection of the teams that will take part in the first wave of æternity Starfleet Incubator for Blockchain startups.

Here is the second part of teams that made it into the final selection:

8. Vite Technologies: Mauritius

Description: Vite is a social impact peer to peer ride-sharing built on the blockchain and powered by Vitecoin Token. Vite simplifies the lives of millions by making it easier and cheaper to get a ride, and donate 1% to support road safety initiatives across our cities, for a safer world.

9. Vipublic, Berlin Germany

Description: Decentralized social network empowered by AI and blockchain-technology. The project aims to create a mainstream-accessible social network which — by its smart design, artificial intelligence (AI) and by a new business-model, runs completely independent from the commercialisation of personalised user data. Simultaneously, the implementation of third-party (P2P) crypto-services together with the possibility for the users to create their own respective applications through an easy-to-use kit reduce complexity and promote the mass-adaption in the mainstream-society. Our vision is to create a free, open-minded and empowered digital society, well equipped for the challenges and potential of the future. The project ought to be the seed from which this change blossoms.

10. Nettbe: Zagreb, Croatia

Description: Nettbe is a fin-tech startup from Croatia/Serbia. Their vision is to help SMB’s solve liquidity problems by engaging in multilateral compensations. They help companies settle their mutual debts. In it’s essence nettbe (ex. Circle.money) is an e-clearinghouse for a process that has been done for more than two decades manually and took between 15 and 45 days to complete with huge piles of paper wasted along the process.

11. Data2Honey: Ljubliana, Slovenia

Description: First true End-to-end, Turn-key ready, easy to use solution for IoT data providers/generators as well as IoT Data consumers.

Data2Honey will provide you with the first global, truly comprehensive IoT data search and filtering engine with a marketplace facilitated by the blockchain-technology to ensure validation of the data sources and transaction. To make the data analysis easier they will provide the AI virtual environment with all needed tools for fast analysis, reporting and machine-learning model training.

12. The NOBLE Company: Sofia, Bulgaria

Description: Noble aims to meet world’s most innovative companies with world’s best talents. To do so they are not only reinventing the old-school job ads and giving a new meaning of the phrase “employer branding”, but they are also disrupting talent acquisition itself by leveraging blockchain technology and technically enabling everyone to become a recruiter and earn a good living out of their network.

13. CVerification: Sofia, Bulgaria

Description: CVerification is a blockchain-based background verification platform. They want to revolutionize the HR industry by offering an alternative of the background check service providers which achieve combined annual revenues of $2bn. Their blockchain-based technology ensures decentralization, scalability, efficiency and secure transfer of sensitive data. The main goal is to reduce costs associated with the usage of background check services, to help employers make informed and safe recruitment decisions and identify the best-qualified candidates before going ahead with the selection process.

14. PoleStar IoT: Sofia, Bulgaria

Description: Polestar is an IoT app builder platform, with built-in support for blockchain oracles, aiming to interface real-world hardware with the blockchain. The platform’s apps will run on edge devices, such as IoT gateways and development boards and allow non developers to build complex hardware prototypes, which can interact with smart contracts. Polestar is sensor agnostic and will support extensions, allowing developers to build an ever growing database of supported devices. Their solution opens up ample opportunities for prototyping enterprise and commercial applications and promoting a wide adoption of Blockchain technology across IoT/IIoT.

15. RideSafe: Nairobi, Kenya

Description: RideSafe is a product of Lina Medical Services Limited: we provide first aid services for public motorbike transport riders on the event of an accident, the service is meant to cover the rider for any kind of motorbike related injury that he/she might attain in the line of duty.

16. Holoflake: Amsterdam, Netherlands

Description: Holoflake platform provides the user with five different opportunities — to start a project, join a project, fund a project, provide feedback for project initiatives or earn by selling your artistic solutions to other members of the community. This is how all users are given the unique opportunity to develop their complex problem solving skills and learn by doing through collaborating with other members, as well as monetize their story. All activities are stored in the blockchain which makes the progress of all Holoflake teams easily accessible by investors, and the feedbacks are rated as they are crucial for project and community development.

17. SISQuest, Sofia Bulgaria

Description: SISQuest is an acceleration infrastructure for easy and fair collaboration among entrepreneurs. Organizations with validated reputation can publish milestones and tasks (quests). There are bounties for each entrepreneur participating in the completion of the quest. Examples: referrals for strategic connections accessing new markets (Profit), training team members (People) or suggestions for solutions of bugs (Product).

Monetising the networks of experienced entrepreneurs enables ecosystem of trust and matchmaking. It leads to identification of the Most Valuable People with the greatest business impact. It also protects startups in accelerators from mentors with no proven experience, skills, knowledge or contacts.

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