Top 8 crypto events to get you hyped & lit till 2019

Roadmapping worthy crypto events around the Old Continent

Do you also have the feeling that 2018 flew by so quickly? Do you realize that we have ONLY two months left to make the yearly resolutions to come true and ultimately reach our goals… we better make every single day count.

Spending quality time socializing with the right people, networking, learning something new, getting to hear about groundbreaking projects and meeting inspiring and interesting people is the best you can do if you want to put yourself on the fast track to success. Whether, you are a blockchain enthusiast, expert, entrepreneur, developer, investor, believer or even a critic or nocoiner, you will gain a valuable experience if you attend to but one of these events.

We have selected eight of the most interesting crypto events for you. In fact, we have them all in our æternity Ventures’ agenda, so check the dates, book your seat, come and meet us there! :)


30.Oct — 2.Nov, in stunning Prague, Czech Republic

Try not having fun on the webpage of the event

It is happening now! Yes, NOW! Of course the tickets are sold out, and when you download the guidebook (ultra-mobile-friendly, btw) & check the agenda, the speakers and the topics you will see why — this event is up-to-the-minute top dev heaven.

Devcon is the annual meeting of the ethereum community and gathers together a large number of blockchain developers, designers, researchers and even artists. This year æternity Blockchain will not only join the party but will host a special bus outside the venue and, occasionally, on different locations around the stunningly beautiful city of Prague.

The double-decker æternity bus

Everyone is invited to hop on the bus, grab a coffee, listen to cool music and find cool like-minded people to speak with about unicorns 🦄, rainbows 🌈, and the future of Blockchain.

Sightseeing — æternity version

Insider tip: For more information and the location of the bus, join the special Telegram group.

→ official webpage


31.Oct, in Liechtenstein

Investor Summit Liechtenstein 2018 home page

This event is with a little more narrow focus — investing & finances… also, a fact worth knowing is that the event will be held in German language. Ja, ja, genau!

The happening is nicely set to connect start-ups and SMEs with investors and decision-makers. It will be all about investment-seeking startups presenting innovative ideas in attractive way to opportunity-seeking investors.

There are also prizes, but I won’t spoil all the fun — learn German and find for yourself! :)

Insider tip: make sure you find Djordje Filipovic one of æternity Ventures FinTech superstars.

→ official webpage


31.Oct — 3.Nov, in crypto-haven Malta

Voice-synthesized promo video

Malta is becoming not only tax- but also crypto-haven and the policymakers there are working hard to win the name “the Blockchain island”.

On this event, the Prime Minister of Malta, Joseph Muscat himself will welcome the attendees, setting the tone for the following discussions about the disruptive potential of Blockchain applications, IoT, Big Data, Quantum computes, and other very buzzing topics.

The program promises that no one (from the expected 5000+ delegates) will be bored — there will be panel discussions, keynote presentations, workshops, ICO pitch (with $100k prize), a Blockchain Hackathon, and, you would never guess, a Champagne Brunch in the end.

Among the endless list of speakers (seriously, I gave up counting after 150…) are names like Sophia (from SingularityNET), Mike Butcher (from TechCrunch), and John McAee (from… you know, McAfee)!

This event is going to be up-to-the-minute, top-of-the-tops Blockchain event of 2018 — a valuable experience and exceptional networking opportunity. This is why, æternity Ventures is catapulting four of the Starfleet incubator superstar teams.

A flashback to Starfleet Accelerator vol.1
  • Data2Honey — the first true End-to-end, Turn-key ready, easy to use solution for IoT data providers & generators;
  • TraDexSocial — turning everyone with a smartphone into a miner;
  • WeiDex — new generation decentralized cryptocurrency exchange;

If you are planning on visiting the event, feel free to approach these guys, you will find yourself in a good company!

Insider tip: you will recognise them easily by the noticeably high levels of excitement, contagious motivation and the sparkle in the eyes when talking about their projects.

→ official website

4. Belgrade ICO Summit

13.Nov, Belgrade, Serbia

Belgrade welcomes ICO projects

Perhaps, Serbia is not the first country which comes to mind when you think of Blockchain events but here is something that might make you start considering it as a crypto destination.

It seems that Eastern Europe is totally into crypto and CryptoKonf is organising 2nd annual crypto conference. The Belgrade ICO summit is focused on cryptocurrencies, ICOs, FinTech and Blockchain Technology, and distributed ledger technologies or DLT for short.

The event will have 2 types of workshops — ICO Legal Workshops &
Blockchain Developer Workshops. This will help the participant to gain and retain practical knowledge.

Among the guest speakers are Phillipp Piwowarsky and Nikola Stojanow — both key figures at æternity Blockchain & æternity Ventures. Niko will share experience and expertise on efforts needed for growing a Blockchain community of like-minded people working on revolutionary projects.

Niko @ SoftUnitConf, Sept, 2018

Insider tip: We have a special treat for you! Here is our discount code for 15% off your ticket: TXsting13

→ official website

5. The Blockchain Startups Summit

15.Nov, Frankfurt, Germany

Another super exciting event will take place in Frankfurt in mid November. The Blockchain Startups Summit aims to bring together 300+ entrepreneurs, investors and blockchain application startups and developers.

Since it will be one day event it will be very vibrant and intensive. The program includes panel discussions, talks by top-notch presenters and pitch presentations by Blockchain startups. The prize for the winning pitch is a package worth €12,000.

“people inside Startupday room” by Franck V. on Unsplash

The event’s agenda is very German-like — neat and to the point. The list of guest speakers and the members of the jury is impressive in terms of expertise and fieldwork. To mention just a few: Vanessa Grellet (from ConsenSys), Marjan Delatinne (Ripple), Nikola Stojanow (æternity) and more.

Needless to say, the event will be the perfect meeting point for Blockchain entrepreneurs and investors. Moreover it will be also a great opportunity to network and introduce yourself to new projects with potentially groundbreaking concepts and products with ad hoc solutions.

Insider tip: If you’re working on an exciting blockchain startup and you want to apply & be part of a big pitch competition but you missed the deadline for application — don’t worry! Go to the BONUS paragraph at the end of the article.

→official website


19–20Nov, in beautiful Bucharest, Romania

How to web 2018

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Another Eastern European event worth visiting! HOW TO WEB Conference is not strictly Blockchain event. Discussions, presentations and masterclasses on FinTech, AI, transportation and tech democracy will take place on 3 stages during these 2 days in the beautiful capital of Romania.

In addition, practical and useful topics like revenue growth, fostering entrepreneurship and startup sustainability, innovation in product design, distribution and management will also be discussed in some of the talks.

Picture from HOW TO WEB 2017 edition

Looking at the agenda of the event, you will clearly notice that it is extremely well organised.

The program for Day 1 is thematically divided in 4 blocks:

  • Leaders & Trends — talks and discussions of the hottest topics;
  • Startup Academy — from idea to real business;
  • Designing Innovation — designing and launching innovative products;
  • Networking

Same for Day 2:

  • Leaders & Trends — talks and discussions of the hottest topics;
  • The Growth Machine — strategic planning, distribution and revenue;
  • Better Teams —the key to create, motivate and retain a good team;
  • Networking

Along with all this priceless info and knowledge the event offers a pitch competition & tempting prizes.

Insider tip: go if you can!

→official website


26 — 27Nov, in Zagreb, Croatia

10 years ago, when we first heard of Blockchain it was as the underlying technology of Bitcoin — a new & revolutionary payment system.

Naturally, the FinTech industry was the first to be affected — either, to suffer the consequences, or to embrace the opportunity.

Shift Money is a Conference which has a very narrow focus — the future of Financial Technology. If you are interested in finances, payments, insurance, lending and Blockchain you should consider going.

Here, a quick preview of the names in the speakers’ list:

Nitin Gaur (Blockchain Labs at IBM), Connie Yang (Coinbase), Robert Wiecko (DASH), Pavel Mateev (Wirex), Ross D’arcy (Ripple) and many more…

Insider tip: You can pay for your ticket with crypto, namely, LTC, BTC, BCH, ETH & IOP.

→official website

8. æternity Ventures Xmas Party

TBA Dec, TBA location

“santa claus doing heart gesture” by Guilherme Stecanella on Unsplash

Now that we have a ultra cool office space in Sofia Tech Park there is just one thing left to do — to throw a crazy good Xmas party! 🎄🥂

2018 passed so fast — it was a really intense & successful first years for us as we managed to organise our first Accelerator — æternity Starfleet, and work with a bunch of amazing people on challenging projects! A successful year like this needs to be celebrated properly and we will be happy to see you in Dec! …Seriously!

Stay tuned for more information!

→official website


until the Xmas Party, everywhere.

If you answer with “YES” to the following:
  1. Do you want to be a Blockchain entrepreneur?
  2. Do you have an innovative idea/project you want develop, build, grow, and potentially, change the world?
  3. Do you have motivated and creative teammate(s) in your (seed-stage) startup?
  4. Do you want to meet like-minded people and build a tech unicorn?
  5. Do you think you can use some mentoring and extra financial, advisory or tech support?
Stay Hungry Stay Foolish
We would love to hear your idea!

If you have a cool project and would like to join our upcoming Starfleet Accelerator vol.2 , you can pitch your project to us directly in any from at any of the above-mentioned events we will be visiting.

Simply, drop us a line on before the event and we will schedule a quick meeting!

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