Meet the people behind the projects from Starfleet 2

Ellie Geo
Ellie Geo
Apr 5 · 6 min read

By the time we live, the futuristic blockchain technology has made unimaginable progress. This growth has improved human life in practically every aspect.

When it comes to being entangled with blockchain, every crypto ninja has his own unique story.

In the following article, we asked team members of 5projects that participate in Starfleet vol. 2 to share with us how did they get involved with blockchain.

Ehsan, SAY

Ivan from CryptoTask (left) & Ehsan from Say (right)

Ehsan from Iran, founder and engaged in 3 NGOs, has a razor-sharp mind and a big heart. Lead by the aim to help children without parents, Ehsan flew from Berlin to join Starfleet vol.2 with his project SAY, a blockchain-based platform for adopting kids virtually. Ehsan initially learned about the program from Luka Sučić and then he decided to participate in order to get financial help for his project as well as do some efficient networking and gain knowledge from the inspiring mentors-practitioners in Starfleet vol.2.

When being asked what would be the best thing Ehsan laughed and said: “to pick me!” (worry not! SAY is admitted to the 4-week acceleration period)

Besides, Ehsan initially got involved with blockchain as he wanted to help children in need and he knew the general obstacle is the transparency. So even he is not a tech-orientated guy, he did his research and he realized the innovative technology was the best solution to overcome the transparency problem. So this is how he decided to build a platform underlying on the blockchain.

Kyriakos, EXAL Technologies

Kyriakos presenting

Lead by the desire to create new digital jobs while helping MSMEs to go online with zero margins, Kyriakos, founder & CEO of EXAL Technologies, shared that the main reason to compete in Starfleet vol. 2 is because “æternity program helps you the way nobody else does”. Further, Kyriakos consider the Genesis week as extremely useful because “charcoals are simply charcoals until you put pressure on them and they become diamonds”. Well said, you’d agree!

Moreover, Kyriakos’ experience with cryptocurrencies started back when he was in high-school. He heard about bitcoin, however, he couldn’t understand what was it. Once he went to university, the digital currencies became accepted in 2013 and he got started broadly learning about blockchain technology.

Ivan & Vedran, CRYPTOTASK

Vedran and Ivan on stage

Backed by 6 years of extensive experience in crypto research and development as well as almost a decade of experience in software and mobile, Ivan is now part of the CryptoTask team.

According to him, the key reason why they decided to participate in Starfleet vol. 2 is “the great opportunity to kickstart the project and also because æternity offers better scalability than Etherium.”

On the question “How did you got involved with Blockchain?”, Ivan shared that he has always been keen on new technologies so when he first heard about the futuristic blockchain 6 years ago, he started thoroughly reading and learning about the concept behind it. Then he tried to develop some simpler apps based this technology before coming up with the idea of CryptoTask — the decentralized freelancing task market.

In 2012, Vedran, another core member behind CryptoTask and author of the first ever decentralized strategy game “Etherization”, did read an article in a magazine about blockchain and, as he said, “it instantly blew my mind as a possible way to achieve financial freedom”.

Alexander, Nemanja & Bojan, CRYPTIC LEGENDS

Cryptic Legends at the moment of announcing they continue in Starfleet phase 2! :)

Alexander, Nemanja, and Bojan are skilled software engineers from Serbia. And that’s not all — they are also the core team behind Cryptic Legends — a collectible card game on the blockchain. They strongly believe that all the technical advantages the æternity blockchain brings can be used in the game which is actually the key reason why they decided to participate in Starfleet vol. 2.

In one of the breaks during the Genesis week, we stole a minute to ask them how did they got involved with blockchain.

Alexander was keen on making digital games and he was introduced to blockchain thanks to the other two guys. He then realized how cool it can actually be to make blockchain-based games because of all the tangibilities it provides.

Nemanja, from another side, dived into the crypto ocean a bit earlier than Alexandar. He initially commenced trading, then he opened up small mining farm until he got up to the point he started developing apps on the blockchain.

About 6 years ago, Bojan’s cousin gave him bitcoin as a gift, however, he completely forgot about it until 2017 because, as he stated, “I really didn’t understand why it was important.” Then remembering he had cryptocurrency, Bojan decided to learn more about the matter. Later he started buying and trading digital coins until he ended up being part of Cryptic Legends.

Werner, HEYTAX

Constantin & Werner

Lastly, we have managed to interview Werner from Germany, Co-founder & CEO of HeyTax, a blockchain-based tax reporting for crypto traders. The main reason the team decided on participating in Starfleet vol. 2 is because “we wanted to know what the crypto people think about, what do they do, how do they work, and what are they currently doing for tax reporting.” In this line of thinking, Werner’s most favorite part of the Genesis week was the coffee pauses and the lunch breaks as he was able to do networking and get some feedback relating to HeyTax.

Besides, Werner got involved with blockchain when he was studying computer science in 2012. He read a lot about the topic and bought his first crypto coins in 2013. He described the technology as “mind-blowing” and “better than anything else until that time”.

Eager to learn more about how people get involved with revolutionary technology, called blockchain?

Stay tuned for more personal stories about blockchain in How I Met Blockchain part 2.

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AE Ventures

AE Ventures is an investment company providing initial funding, acceleration and advisory support to blockchain projects. The company also runs æternity Starfleet — a full-service global acceleration program for seed stage startups utilizing blockchain.

Ellie Geo

Written by

Ellie Geo


AE Ventures

AE Ventures is an investment company providing initial funding, acceleration and advisory support to blockchain projects. The company also runs æternity Starfleet — a full-service global acceleration program for seed stage startups utilizing blockchain.

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