SELECTED: 10 amazing teams will join us in the next phase of æternity Starfleet

At an emotional ceremony this Saturday (16.06) during the first Demo Day of the æternity Starfleet incubator for Blockchain startups, the 10 most promising teams were selected to continue their Starfleet journey.

The selected teams are: TraDEXsocial, NOBLE, Tip-me, AMPnet, Ride Safe Africa, UTU technologies, BeeSmartTech, YAIR, TRIBE and Data2Honey!

The jury (left to right): Nikola Stojanow, Yanislav Malahov, Todor Kolev, Ivan Dzheferov, Emil Wagner, Philipp Piwowarsky and Emin Mahrt.

Each of the participating teams had to pitch their idea for 5 minutes, followed by 3 minutes Q&A sessions, during which the jury evaluated the projects. The jury consisted of æternity Venture’s partners and æternity core team members: Todor Kolev (Obecto and Comrade), Ivan Dzheferov (Trakia.Tech), æternity founder Yanislav Malahov, the CBDO Nikola Stojanow, the COO Emin Mahrt, the leader of the aepps team Emil Wagner, as well as the lead Blockchain engineer Philipp Piwowarsky.

During the Demo Day itself, more than 600 guests tuned in on YouTube to watch the teams in real time via live-stream.

Two additional special prizes:

In an online vote with over one thousand participants, AMPnet proved to be the most popular team among the community, receiving 25% of the popular vote. The prize, presented by æternity COO Emin Mahrt, is a trip to the House of Blockchain, æternity’s headquarters in Liechtenstein. The AMPnet team will have the opportunity to meet the core team, receive help and advice for building their product and spend time with the æternity community.

Team AMPnet presented by Mislav Javor

The educational partner of æternity Ventures — SoftUni, also presented one of the teams — TraDEXsocial with an award. The team will take part in the software university’s hackathon (SoftUni Fest) next weekend in Sofia - an event which will bring together people with interests in programming, digital marketing and design. TraDEXsocial will give the participating teams a task in digital marketing, which will be related to their own platform. They will be the jury and select the winner team, which will continue working with them on their digital communication strategy.

Yulian and Ilia from TraDEXsocial while pitching their idea

The first Demo Day was the final event of series of lectures and workshops which were part of the incubator’s Genesis Week. On Monday, Clement Lesaege shared his wisdom on token economics, followed by a workshop on Lean Principles in the perfect value creation process. During the next few days, international lecturers gave workshops on topics ranging from Business Model Design for Blockchain to Customer Development, Building an effective Roadmap, Reporting & Budgeting, and many lectures on the technical side of using aeternity’s blockchain to build their products.

Christoph Sollich aka The Pitch Doctor

On Friday, the celebrity lecturer Christoph Sollich, also known as the Pitch Doctor, had one-on-one sessions with each team to help them prepare award-winning pitches for the Demo Day. Both the remote participants following everything via live-stream and the on-site teams expressed their appreciation of the well-tailored program.

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