Starfleet Vol. 3 — Malta Edition: the teams we have selected

The Genesis week starts today, see which 15 teams we have invited to participate!

Ellie Geo
Ellie Geo
Nov 4 · 8 min read
Meet the blockchain startups we invited to Starfleet 3

For this Starfleet, we have received way over 100 applications from blockchain startups from all over the world! We received submissions from China, Malaysia, Philipines, Singapore, South Korea, Russia, Iran, Pakistan, India, Tunisia, Yemen, Jordan, Egypt, UAE, Tanzania, Zambia, Nigeria, all over Europe, USA, Canada, Venezuela…and the list continues!

We reviewed and interviewed all of them and we’re thrilled to present you the 15 awesome blockchain projects which were admitted to the Genesis Week, happening now in Microsoft Innovation Center Malta.

We flew very experienced and well recognized in their field lecturers from all over Europe to Malta. From 4th until 10th November 2019, the startups will undergo intense mentoring in areas such as Lean Startup Methodology, Blockchain Business Model Canvas, Value Proposition Design, Customer Development, Product Development, Raising Investment, Financing, and Budgeting, Features of dApps and æternity Platform and Ecosystem, Coding Smart Contracts in Sophia, Pitching Masterclass… and more!

Following an intensive week of workshops, about 10 blockchain projects will be shortlisted for a further 5 weeks of mentorship. The culmination of the accelerator will be Demo Day when selected teams will receive an investment offer for up to $100 000 USD in AE tokens and additional 6 months of mentorship and acceleration, along with access to the vast worldwide network of ambassadors, blockchain startups, experts, developers, mentors, investors, and events.

But first things first, meet the 15 ingenious startups we’ve selected to participate:

1. SmartCredit (Switzerland)

The skilled team of the first-ever Swiss project in our accelerator, SmartCredit, registered a tokenized, transferable and value protected P2P credit.

In a nutshell, the value of credit-coins is secured with underlying collateral and with the loss provisions. Lenders will be able to pay third parties with their freshly minted credit-coins, while third parties will receive interest and principal of the credit-coins by the expiration date.

Website of the project:

2. Cannomy (Ireland)

The Pan-European project, called Cannomy, is built to unite cannabis entrepreneurs with investors, providing infrastructure for funding, incorporation, and operations of cannabis-related businesses.

The company behind the project is t3i — the 3 initiates — a Cannatech consultation business, currently developing „Cannomy” — a new crowdfunding portal, blending Kickstarter and Neufund, with a key focus on cannabis.

They are also building CByDe (“Clean By Design”) a CBD brand that’s dropshipping t3i partner products and building own branded products for online and offline retail markets.

Website of the project: n/a

3. Real Fund (Spain)

Real Fund from Spain brings the Mediterranean vibe to the third Starfleet edition. The team works on the democratization of real estate financing, meaning more and more good real estate projects to be accessible for both developers and investors.

Short-and-sweet, through tokenization of equity, revenue or debt, the platform will allow, on one hand, developers to get funds out of the standard financing routes (banks, hedge funds), and on the other, ordinary people to invest in a market that generally requires a large amount of money to participate in.

Website of the project:

4. Comunitaria (Spain)

Supervecina is the second ingenious Spanish project that’s entering into the Genesis week.

It works on building the bridge between the smart city and smart home. So far, the team has built a SaaS and NLU chatbot to reduce the lack of agile processes and improve transparency. Also, they’ve prototyped an IoT Hub to provide better services and facilitate passive income in HOAs (Homeowners Association).

Last but not least, Supervecina has a voting platform on ethereum and built an AI algorithm that reduces the cost of property management as well as algorithms for instant pricing of repair and maintenance budgets.

Website of the project:

5. a-Qube (Estonia)

Estonia has always been a dynamo of great, innovative ideas and crypto-based projects, you’d agree.

Check out the Starfleet’s entrants a-Qube — a peer-to-peer Mobile Incubator which turns raw ideas into a complete business proposal.

In detail, this distributed network aims to bridge innovators with startups, organizations, and entrepreneurs willing to build the next “big thing”…sort of a Tinder for investors.

Website of the project:

6. Farmchain (Nigeria)

The Nigerian project Farmchain is reinforcing the solid African presence in Starfleet. The team is building a blockchain B2B and B2C food and farm production traceability dApp, as well as a management solution. What’s more thrilling — Farmchain already has 30 tokenized farms in Nigeria!

Website of the project:

7. BITINEXT (Australia & the US)

BITINEX provides access to competitive pricing on various cryptocurrencies. Further, the platform operates as decentralized, protocol-enforced algorithms without human judgment and replicates how central banks respond to changes in the supply of fiat currencies with other factors, such as the CPI index.

Website of the project:

8. KingFootball (Switzerland)

The first one, KingFootball, presents an innovative blockchain platform designed to provide a personal touch in the football industry.

More precisely, it blends a unique marketing approach of communication between football market makers and their consumers.

Website of the project:

9. Assetify (Bulgaria)

The second solid Bulgarian project in the looming Starfleet develops the first decentralized multi-platform infrastructure for lending companies so they can support cryptocurrencies as collateral. The purpose is to enable all small, middle and large money institutions, banks and P2P lenders to provide crypto-backed loans.

Website of the project:

10. Sesame (Bulgaria)

The Bulgarian Sesame is one of those innovative projects which offer a painkiller, not just a vitamin to the modern world. :)

The aim is to digitalize all parking spaces, allow secure and decentralized access, as well as monetization of unused parking spaces.

This is how it works: by building a set of mobile SDKs and hardware kits that enable secure proximity detection, Sesame securely connects drivers’ mobile devices to the exact barrier that is in front of the car and allows discovery and no-hassle digital access to parking lots.

Website of the project:

11. CrowdClick (Czech Republic)

The Czech CrowdClick is a super cool decentralized platform whose aim is to permit crypto wallet holders to check interesting projects’ URL, view the page from a timer countdown & answer multiple-choice questions. Thus, publishers will receive traffic from their targeted audience and receive quantitive feedback. A win-win situation.

Website of the project: n/a

12. Noderix (Turkey)

Turkey steps for the first time on our Starfleet accelerator scene thanks to Noderix — a decentralized platform using new wireless technology for communication which delivers maximum range (miles) of coverage and battery life (years) for IoT devices on the network, at a fraction of the cost compared to cellular networks.

The main product is a gateway that serves thousands of wireless sensors in a large area (that could be even an entire city). Gateways transmit the collected data to the decentralized cloud. Once the data is collected on the cloud, they employ cutting edge machine learning technology to discover valuable insights about the optimal operation of systems.

Website of the project:

13. CoinStats (Armenia)

The Armenian CoinStats presents a blockchain-based platform with 300 000 users where they can easily manage their cryptocurrency holdings. Simply put, users connect their exchange accounts and wallets to track the prices, see analytics, trades, transactions, everything from one place. The underlying concept is to use one-click to buy/sell which will enable a quick onboard for non-crypto users.

Website of the project:

14. Colocals (Czech Republic)

Colocals is a guileful co-creation platform that’s simply uniting local businesses with local people.

On one hand, local businesses can easily get feedback to improve their concept, ask the community to help with promotion, design or other things, get crowdfunded by locals etc.

On the other hand, locals can get involved in local businesses they like and, moreover, be rewarded for their time and ideas through an app. Isn’t it great?

Website of the project:

15. Gameternity (Spain)

The last startup we’ve selected is the Spanish Gameternity.

The highly motivated team behind it is led by the objective to create a decentralized marketplace for video games, as an entry point of tokenizing video games and game players.

Website of the project: n/a

We wish them all the best of luck!

Do you have a favorite startup already? Let us know in the comments below.

In conclusion, we would like to share with you that the energy at the MIC is amazing and here is a photo shot to give you an idea:

Holla from the AE Ventures team and the blockchain startups who came to MIC, Malta

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AE Ventures

AE Ventures is an investment company providing initial funding, acceleration and advisory support to blockchain projects. The company also runs æternity Starfleet — a full-service global acceleration program for seed stage startups utilizing blockchain.

Ellie Geo

Written by

Ellie Geo


AE Ventures

AE Ventures is an investment company providing initial funding, acceleration and advisory support to blockchain projects. The company also runs æternity Starfleet — a full-service global acceleration program for seed stage startups utilizing blockchain.

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