Top 8 badass women in Blockchain you need to follow on Twitter ASAP

We as a team are super proud to have 50:50 gender split and have 3 strong, intelligent women working and sharing knowledge. However, this is not the case with the majority of Blockchain projects.

That’s why we want to dedicate this weeks Top 8 post to the badass women in Blockchain that strive to promote the technology, fight for its adoption and best of all — support other women within the space! These fighters need to come into your Twitter feed asap.

1. Galia Benartzi: Bancor

Galia Benartzi is a huge crush of ours! Born and raised in California Bay Area, currently living in Tel Aviv and working on a protocol called Bancor, she has been a serial entrepreneur since 2005 when she graduated college and started building start-ups right after. Bancor raised $153 Million, making it one of the most financed ICOs.

Picture by Galia’s Medium :

Benartzis’ main focus is the crypto exchange market and more particularly on building a platform that makes the process of trading cryptocurrencies simpler. Her aim is to also incorporate the possibility of users being able to create tokens and trade them for more mainstream tokens BTC, ETC and others.

You need to hear how cool she is! Check this video of Galia speaking at Oslo Freedom Forum (2018) about the Evolution of Money:

Follow her on Medium : Galia Benartzi

2. Linda Xie (Scalar Capital)

Linda Xie is the co-founder and Managing Director of Scalar Capital — crypto asset investment firm, and advisor of 0x — a decentralized exchange on Ethereum. Prior to co-founding her own firm, she worked as a product manager at Coinbase and collaborated with law enforcement and regulators on compliance for digital assets, before that was a risk analyst at AIG.

Picture: Twitter

She has an education background of B.A. in economics, from the University of California, San Diego. Linda is a big advocate of attracting more women in the crypto space(YAY!! One more reason to love her). She writes in a very readable manner, allowing her community to easily understand how different crypto assets and investments work. You only need to check her Twitter account where she is very active:

3. Elizabeth Stark (Lightning Labs)

Elizabeth a Harvard law school graduate and a former professor at Stanford and Yale is the co-founder of Lightning Labs. When she was a professor, she taught her students open source software, privacy, and peer-to-peer technology. Stark Is also an active member of the Bitcoin community and a fellow of Coin Center.

After being a professor and establishing her a program to help students invent projects that could improve the existing Internet technology she decided to create a start-up, developing protocols that are aiming to solve one of the most major problems in this field — the speed of crypto transactions. For now, the main focus is the Bitcoin network, but contributors are welcome to develop layers for other blockchains(there are already enthusiasts working on developing Lightning for Litecoin!).

Follow her on Twitter :

4. Zoe Adamovicz (Neufund)

A Berlin-based Venture capital and technology entrepreneurship expert Zoe is one of the main players in the tech world. As a matter of fact, she was named one of the top 50 women in tech for 2018! She has founded several other companies covering topics from app store intelligence (Priori data) to software dev and engineering services (Concise Software) and is also an occasional angel investor.

picture from Zoe Adamovicz personal Medium profile

Adamovicz has stated 4 things that her business needs to be and is passionate about: Positive, impactful, profitable and powerful. (This sentence is an indirect reference to a Crunchbase review of her.) She has been keeping an eye on the blockchain environment for several years. Thanks to that combined with her previous knowledge she has become a Blockchain regulatory & security tokens expert advising the German and Maltese governments (Hell Yeah!) and is a part of the Innovation Board advising the Minister of Digitalization in Germany.

When she realized the potential of blockchain, and in particular its approach on democratizing access to funding, she decided to found Neufund. Up to this date Neufund, a blockchain-based platform for investors of which she is CEO and co-founder has raised more than $14 million.

5. Leanne Kemp (Everledger)

Leanne Kemp is an expert in the tech, jewellery, business and insurance field with more than 20 years of experience behind her back. She is also a member of the Blockchain Council of the World Economic Forum. Her immense experience in successful start-ups paved her way to succeeding with yet another one– this time built on blockchain.

Picture provided by Leana Kemp’s team

Leanne’s Everledger closes $10.4 million in Series A round, leading to the company being valued at over $50 million. If it hasn’t been clear enough, Everledger is Leanne’s last baby led to success — a global verification platform that provides transparency along every aspect of the chain process of a high-value asset. This way Stakeholders, insurers and claimants can check the authenticity of the said asset, and also work against money laundering and fraud. Maybe you have been wondering what are these items of value that need an encrypted global certification system? Well… it’s diamonds, yes, Diamonds(and by now there are around 2 millions listed on the platform already). Now if that isn’t a solid use-case of blockchain technology! Kemp is working towards a more ethical and transparent trade platform with the help of our favourite blockchain.

We admire her badassness level and support her fully in these endeavours. You can do too:

6. Meltem Demirors

Meltem is one of those people with multiple job descriptions. She is an investor /advisor and advocate in the cryptocurrency and blockchain space, former Development Director at Blockchain advisory firm Digital Currency Group and apparently also teaches at MIT! You go girl!

Meltem is also a member of the Global Future Council on Blockchain at the World Economic Forum, whose aim is to help establish governance models within Blockchain technology.

But what we love most about her is that she is also supporting women in Tech! Check her “Leader series” on Medium, in which she interviews powerful women within the tech industry and shares their expertise and insights.

Follow her on Twitter:

7. Perianne Boring

In contrast to her name — Perianne is anything but boring!

She is the founder of Chamber of Digital Commerce, supporting the acceptance of Blockchain technology and digital assets. The DCC work with the goal to promote the acceptance and use through education, advocacy and working closely with policymakers, regulatory agencies and industry.

Picture is taken from a great video interview with Perianne: link

If that’s not enough, Perianne takes part in a number of initiatives like The Global Blockchain Forum, the Blockchain Alliance, and the Digital Assets Accounting Assortium. She is a frequent speaker at financial technology conferences, and has been named one of the top women in Bitcoin (not only by us) by Coinfilter.

8. Neha Narula

Let us begin by saying that Neha is a MIT Graduate with a PhD in computer science! How cool is that! She was also a senior software engineer at Google, developing software that allowed for immutable storage of data and secure transmission of native code through browsers. Today she is Director of Digital Currency at MIT Media Lab and is focused on research and promotion of the Blockchain Technology. She is also a member of the World Economic Forum’s Global Futures Council on Blockchain.

She got our attention via her TED talk about the Future of Money in 2016. Her work and research helps us understand what could happen in the future if cryptocurrencies are the dominant way of transferring value:

For more seriously cool insights into the world of Neha, you need to follow her on twitter …just like we did:

8 is a number that is way too small to describe the huge female potential in Blockchain! We want to showcase more and more women in the space that do awesome stuff and you can help too!

So if you know someone who is badass and more people need to know about her and her work in Blockchain, send us information on one of our social media channels:

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