Top 8 blockchain events to attend in 2019 — UPDATED

There are less 5 months left until the end of the year, so plan wisely your conference trips!

Ellie Geo
Ellie Geo
Jul 31 · 9 min read

We are 100% sure the summer heat nor the winter freeze won’t keep the true blockchain geeks away from the disruptive industry’s scene.

For them (and you, buddy!) we have prepared a list of 8 terrific blockchain events from August until the end of the year in chronological order to help you follow the latest trends and news in the industry. And all that in order to get the most out of the remaining months of 2019 in terms of blockchain events & networking!

1. Bloconomic Expo 2019

WHEN: August 15–16, 2019

WHERE: Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur (MALAYSIA)

WHO: The event is organized by the Malaysia Blockchain Association together with Alphacap


After the tremendous success of the last year event, Bloconomic Economic Summit, which managed to gather over 3000 participants, 250 investors and venture capitals, 70 speakers globally, 10 academy and universities, and 30 regulators from SEA, the second edition, Bloconomic Expo 2019, is believed to be even greater celebration of the blockchain’s growing value.

To start, the main goal of the upcoming event is to attract more investors, venture capitalists, as well as members of the international blockchain community and hi-tech media to Malaysia.

The key discussions will be covering topics about STOs, ICOs, industry’s regulatory frame, AI, and more.

Besides this, some of the keynote speakers during the event are Amarjit Singh (Co-founder of Blockchain Academy Malaysia), Stefano Virgilli (CEO of, Chin Chee Seong (Honorary Chairman of PIKOM), Kenneth Hu (STO of BayPay Pte.Ltd.) and more.

What’s even more thrilling is that Bloconomic Expo 2019 is organizing the first blockchain awards in Malaysia ever. The voting was launched on 25th April this year and will continue until 15th July 2019. However, we should be patient as the winners will be announced during the Award ceremony, part of Bloconomic Expo 2019.

Link here.

2. Blockchance Conference Hamburg 2019

WHEN: August 16–17, 2019

WHERE: Chamber of Commerce, Hamburg (GERMANY)

WHO: The event is organized by Blockchance, under the patronage of the First Mayor of Hamburg, Dr. Peter Tschentscher

ENTRANCE FEE: €30 (TWO DAY EXPO ONLY TICKET early bird) — €1600 (VIP INVESTOR All Access)

In the heat of the summer, Germany will become a scene of another massive, global blockchain conference, namely Blockchance Conference Hamburg 2019.

The organizers of the event, who target to gather about 50+ international speakers, 750+ participants, 1500+ exhibition guests and 30+ exhibitors, have chosen Chamber of Commerce as a base because the place symbolizes the success story of the blockchain technology and Hamburg as a key blockchain location.

Besides, the Blockchance Conference 2019’s expert talks, panel discussions, breakout sessions, exhibition zones, cultural programs, and networking breaks will be focused on the process of innovating, adapting and guiding the socioeconomic change associated with blockchain technology.

Keynote speakers: Dr. Peter Tschentscher (First Mayor, head of the state government and honorary patron of Blockchance), Tom Lyons (Executive Director at ConsenSys), Alexander Hoeptner (CEO of Börse Stuttgart) and many more.

As an extra perk, all the attendees of two-day Blockchance Conference Hamburg 2019 will enjoy unique, LIVE Blockchain-centric theatrical performances by BitArt.

Link here.

3. æternity Universe One Conference

WHEN: September 20–21, 2019


WHO: The event is organized by æternity

ENTRANCE FEE: €99 (Student Pass); €199 (Startups & Developers); €449 (Corporations)

The æternity Universe One Conference is planned to be spanning two days in the last week of September. The event will focus on bridging the gap between what businesses need and what (and how) blockchain technology can help to fulfill these current needs.

Further, the organizers of the event would be thrilled to welcome hundreds of blockchain developers, researchers, startups, and UI/UX designers who are already part (or planned to become) of the æternity fæmily.

Lastly, what’s truly unique about the æternity Universe One is that during the whole conference, all attendees will have the chance to use a mobile æpp powered by æternity’s state channels technology. It will allow each one of them to purchase various items at the conference privately with zero fees and in real-time.

For the record, state channels enable much more than improved payments functionality. They allow users to smoothly run smart contracts privately off-chain, enabling a new generation of lightning-fast decentralized applications devoted to a mainstream audience.

So, plan wisely when picking up the blockchain events for 2019!

Link here.

4. De:central Days — Digital Economy Convention

WHEN: September 23–25, 2019

WHERE: Auditorium Palma, Palma de Mallorca (SPAIN)

WHO: The event is organized by Animotion SL

ENTRANCE FEE: From €299 (Early Bird Pass) to €1950 (VIP Pass)

This year The Mediterranean fairyland, Palma de Mallorca, won’t be just a summer retreat but also will become the hotspot of the digital economy.

The two-day event De:central Days will offer international businesses the opportunity to present their digital solutions and at the same time find partners for the realization of corresponding projects.

With more than 1000 participants, 50 speakers and many exhibitors from the most important areas of the digital economy, this event aims to encompass several topics related to the innovative blockchain technology, AI, IoT, the future of mobility and AR & VR.

Haven’t convinced you yet? Perhaps mentioning some of the keynote speakers would help out in this mission: Joel Kovshoff (CEO of Athena Enterprise Software); Sanjay Popli (Co-Founder of ASK Ventures; Committee member of Thailand Blockchain Association & Business Advisor for Cryptomind); Topp Jirayut Srupsrisopa (Co-Founder and Group CEO of Bitkub Capital Group Holdings Co., Ltd.).

Link here.

5. DELTA Summit 2019

WHEN: October 2–4, 2019

WHERE: The Hub Business, level 3, San Gwann (MALTA)

WHO: The event is organized by the Maltese government

ENTRANCE FEE: €60 (General Attendee) to €1200 (Investor)

As a regulation pioneer of the industry, the Maltese government took the influential opportunity to host the first official conference launching Malta as a global regulated virtual currency and ICO center.

From one hand, this year’s edition of DELTA Summit will serve as a marketing platform for Malta as the groundbreaker and ideal hub for businesses seeking to reserve their place in the blockchain scene, as well as individuals who are interested in the technology and its (endless) opportunities.

From the other hand, DELTA will be as a platform to promote the technology, the business opportunities related, the legal platform adopted by the government and will serve as an international gathering for supporters, skeptics, and blockchain gurus.

Keynote speakers: Dr. Joseph Muscat (Prime Minister of Malta); Hon. Silvio Schembri (Parliamentary Secretary @ Government of Malta); Dr. Miriam Dalli (Member of the European Parliament & Vice-President of the S&D Group); Tim Byun (CEO of OKCoin).

Link here.

6. Chain Point 19 — Yerevan

WHEN: October 14–15, 2019


WHO: The event is organized by the Nooor - Armenian Blockchain Association

ENTRANCE FEE: $149-$249 (Standart/Executive) to $499 (VIP)

This year ChainPoint is going to host over 500 selected participants and more than 50 speakers. The event is promising to offer a great chance to meet outstanding professionals, make large scale connections, discover new markets and partners, get valuable insights on the latest trends.

With a top-notch event program as a basis, ChainPoint will deliver discussions around the hottest trends and the most valuable insights by bringing to the stage such amazing speakers as Henri Arslanian — the PwC Fintech and Crypto leader for Asia and Chairman of Fintech Association of Hong Kong, Tigran Khachatryan — the Minister of Economy of the Republic of Armenia, Gilbert Verdian — the founder and CEO of Quant Network, and many others.

Special 🎁 for you — 20% discount on the tickets!


Link here.

7. World Blockchain Summit — Dubai

WHEN: October 22–24, 2019

WHERE: Hotel Jumeirah Emirates Towers, Dubai (UAE)

WHO: The event is organized by Trescon

ENTRANCE FEE: $395 — $795

This event is part of the #WBS series — World Blockchain Summits which are taking place in more than 10 destinations across the globe. The next event is this one in Dubai, followed by another one in Bangkok in December and another one in Hong Kong in 2020.

The official starting date is 23rd, but since this is Dubai we are talking about, the organizers are kicking off on the 22nd with a Desert Safari and Pre-event Party!

The event is aiming to bring together over 15000 C level executives, 1500 investors, 500 speakers, 450 exhibitors, and 200 media partners! If this is not convincing enough for you to attend as a visitor, maybe the Trescon credit award of $10 000 will convince you (and your team) to take part in the pitch competition and take advantage of the gigantic networking opportunity this event promises to provide.

Link here.

8. Malta AI & Blockchain Summit

WHEN: November 7–8, 2019

WHERE: Malta

WHO: The event is organized by SiGMA — Summit of iGaming Malta

ENTRANCE FEE: €99 (Early Bird) to €299 (Last Minute)

With a risk to keep for too long in Malta, there is no way to skip the bi-annual Malta AI & Blockchain Summit which has acquired its place on the global tech agenda as the premier platform for blockchain & crypto businesses to present, network and engage in debate.

The fall edition of the event, organized by SiGMA, will take place at the beginning of November and will allow even more networking, more high-quality content, and more business opportunities.

Coupled with Medical Cannabis World, there will be even more seeding opportunities and connections to be made, by gathering over 10K+ enthused delegates, 400 innovative exhibitors, and 1000 silk-stocking investors.

Save the dates. All eyes are on Malta…AGAIN. :)

Link here.

Do some of these events seem to be your cup of tea? Do you plan on visiting any of them during 2019? If it’s not present in our list — please let us know so we can get updated! Cheers, and stay hydrated in the midsummer heat!

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AE Ventures

AE Ventures is an investment company providing initial funding, acceleration and advisory support to blockchain projects. The company also runs æternity Starfleet — a full-service global acceleration program for seed stage startups utilizing blockchain.

Ellie Geo

Written by

Ellie Geo


AE Ventures

AE Ventures is an investment company providing initial funding, acceleration and advisory support to blockchain projects. The company also runs æternity Starfleet — a full-service global acceleration program for seed stage startups utilizing blockchain.

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