Top 8 blockchain podcasts you should follow

How to keep up with the news from the blockchain space

Let’s be honest, guys, crypto podcasts are of great help to every successful multitasker! They are free, they save you loads of time in reading and, above all, keep you updated regarding the current trends and news in the industry.

In addition, the crypto/blockchain podcasts are very handy for the newbies when it comes to understanding essential things such as what is blockchain, what are its applications, and why does decentralization matter.

In order to save you time, we have selected 8 of the best podcasts (the CHERRIES on the cake) in the industry you wouldn’t be happy to miss.

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Customer Reviews: 4.5 out of 5

“As a blockchain junkie, I’m always hungry for more and more insights into where all this is heading to. There is no better source of information than this podcast. Laura always has great guests and her knowledge of this space is phenomenal. Thanks for all you do Laura and I hope you win a Pulitzer for this work someday. Keep it up!” — by coinvestor33

Is there anything better than commencing with one of the classics in the crypto podcasts, called Unchained?

Launched back in 2016 and hosted by Laura Shin, this weekly, hour-long podcast goes deep into the minds building the decentralized internet, as well as crucial topics such as crypto regulations at an international level, security, and privacy policies.

Laura herself an independent business journalist and Forbes author who’s quite deep into everything related to crypto.

Blockchain from the Block

Customer Reviews: 5.0 out of 5

“This promising podcast is professionally produced top to bottom. The hosts stay on topic and address all issues at hand. I love the unique point of view to every episode.” — by faceface01

Exploring the huge potential of the decentralized technology from the former Eastern Block to the West, this weekly podcast is another must-listen when it comes to the latest news related to the Balkan’s blockchain scene.

Moreover, launched in 2019 and hosted by the expert investor and blockchain missionary Luka from Æternity Ventures and the tech journalist Ivan Brezak Brkan from Netokracija, this podcast covers issues that affect important aspects of everyday life, such as travel booking, online payments, data storage, and privacy, sustainable energy and many more, through prism of blockchain.


Customer Reviews: 5.0 out of 5

“The hosts are exceptionally articulate. I like the way they can synthesize their guests’ comments into a concise summary that helps aids in the listener’s understanding of what was just said. The guests are interesting and varied. This podcast started out strong some years ago and is my favourite for blockchain and distributed technologies. I forgive the hosts when the guests get political and appreciate the way the hosts avoid such distractions. Contrary to an earlier review, the audio quality is fine. Listen and enjoy.” — by Jurisdoctorem

Since it has been initiated back in late 2013, under the name “Epicenter Bitcoin”, this weekly veteran on the crypto podcast scene is hosted by the industry’s enthusiasts Brian Fabian Crain, Sebastien Couture, and Meher Roy.

All 286 episodes, each of them reached by more than 10 000 people, deliver comprehensive talks with some of the brightest minds in the currently blossoming ecosystem of start-ups and open source projects.

I’d recommend to check out Epicenter’s blog — pretty cool, trendy materials could be found there!

Cryptopulse — The UK’s Number 1 Crypto and Blockchain Podcast

Customer Reviews: 5.0 out of 5

“This is an amazing show! So many new things I learn from blockchain and cryptocurrency. Thank you guys for explaining and discussing everything! Such a great job! Keep it up! Looking forward to other interesting and entertaining episodes!” — by ritaANN

The hosts of this UK-born and raised, weekly podcast, Ben Rees and Kevin Basham are both serial entrepreneurs and crypto investors who have managed to find the most engaging way of coaching people about Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and other digital currencies.

But they are also doing more than that, namely, empowering people in the industry to make smart decisions by sharing their solid know-how, including tips and tricks, as well as interviews with blockchain gurus.

Blockcrunch: Crypto Deep Dives

Customer Reviews: 5.0 out of 5

“Help us to learn more about blockchain and its application” — by hachiko

This is a crypto podcast suitable for people with a piece of deep, solid knowledge on the dynamic, ever-changing decentralized industry.

Since it has been originated a year ago, the host Jason Choi — serial investor and crypto assets investigator — is dissecting crypto projects on a weekly basis.

Some of the significant topics discussed in Blockcrunch: Crypto Deep Dives are decentralized finance, scalability, governance, and privacy policies with builders and investors at the lead of the contemporary blockchain world.

Life in the Fast Chain: A Blockchain Podcast from R3

Customer Reviews: 4.8 out of 5

“LITFC does a fantastic job at making a difficult topic easier to follow by inviting elite guests to explain and promote the industry. Miss Rutter is incredible at keeping the podcast/topic light and entertaining while also steering the interviews in an informative direction. Keep it up!” — by Seery2

I wouldn’t risk missing the R3’s podcast, called Life in the Fast Chain, which was launched back in February 2018.

Its episodes are suitable for newbies in the industry as well as blockchain experts.

Moreover, its charming host, Catherine Rutter, the digital media ninja at R3, always add the right amount of humour and laughs while interacting with sharp-minded guests not just from R3 but from each corner of the current decentralized space.

Crypto Bobby

Customer Reviews: 4.7 out of 5

“Crypto Bobby aka Rob always takes a deep dive into the crypto world. And talks about the micro and macro standpoints. Where he believes in simplicity is the key for the average person to get into crypto. Thank you for all your help. Buffalo chicken sandwich to the moon!” — by Andy Raman

Robert Paone, an advisor of AirSwap and blockchain/cryptocurrency enthusiast, is perhaps one of the key reasons why Crypto Bobby is so successful and popular on the crypto podcast landscape!

Why? Because, along with the latest news in the industry, he’s covering essential issues such as cryptocurrency investing on a daily basis and the coolest perks about the decentralized technologies.

Further, with more than 250 episodes behind his back (256 to be exact), the Crypto Bobby podcast recently took over Spotify.

The Crypto Street Podcast

Customer Reviews: 4.6 out of 5

“This is the #1 crypto podcast out there. I have to listen the day it comes out!” — by bradwgaines

Since it has been launched about 2 years ago, all 139 weekly episodes of the Crypto Street Podcast are all about interviewing engaging guests about the trends and the future of the crypto industry…with an immense dose of humour.

Being hosted by a trio of Twitter influencers, Dale (@CryptoDale), Killer (@K1llerWh4le), and Prince (@13Prince31), since day 1, this crypto podcast melts every listener’s heart thanks to the great chemistry between the three of them.

Are we missing any outstanding cryptocurrency podcast in the list? If so, please share with us which is the one in the comments below! Also, which is the crypto/blockchain podcast you are listening to on a regular basis to get your daily fuel? We’re dying to know!

p.s: Customer reviews mentioned in the article are based on and Apple podcasts.

Which one do you follow? Write in the comments your personal favourite blockchain podcast and tell us why you like it.

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