Top 8 breaking news websites in the crypto space

Our team has carefully selected 8 crypto sites you NEED to know to survive in the cryptospace. Different team members have different favorites but there is a something for everyone!

1. Coindesk

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Coindesk is a site with a good overview of various topics and is a trustworthy platform in the space. It was one of the first sites of this kind, found in 2013 and has stayed around attracting over 10 million users per month. They cover everything crypto, that deserves to be heard — from news on a government’s latest decision on regulations to market trends and ICOs. They even have a section named ‘Blockchain 101’ where you can find answers on the most demanding questions you might have. On the main page, you can also find a list of the 5 top currencies at the moment, their prices, and their fluctuation for the day.

2. Cointelegraph

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Cointelegraph has a very welcoming and distinctive element — the cute & recognizable cartoon-like style of the visual elements of the site. Basically, it’s the G rated news website of the bunch. Their writing style is very understandable and with an appropriate length (2–3 minutes reads). That way you can get the main points out of an announcement without sacrificing your lunch break. It is also suitable for people with interest specifically in tokens since they do a lot of overall market articles as well as ones for targeted at specific tokens. 
3. Coinmarketcap

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CoinMarketCap is the to go website when you want to check up currency prices, fluctuation, market capitalization etc. With its accuracy and simplicity, the site is a convenient way to do a fast research on various coins. Except all of the useful features, a plus is that data on different currencies can be easily compared using the tools provided by the site. +If you want to be up-to-date in the Trending section you can find all of the recently added currencies.

4. Bitcointalk

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With it’s archaic but also nostalgic interface, Bitcointalk is one of the most useful sites to this date. As you can see in the photo above, the format of the site is a forum. In this very forum, bitcoin was firstly developed with the help of enthusiastic users and of course the creator — Satoshi Nakamoto. Now you can find debates on what is the best coin to invest in, bounties set out from new companies on the market and lots more. The bitcointalk users will always be there to give an honest opinion(good or bad) to your questions. To conclude, the forum undeniably is of great importance to the community.

5. Crypto Mining Blog

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Cryptomining blog is — as you can maybe guess from the name a blog dedicated to mining. This blog is updated regularly with the latest news in the hardware and software department and is a nice read for those interested in the tech features of mining. Since the blog is functioning from 2014, there is a lot of content accumulated but don’t worry! You can find it neatly organized in the Categories and tags in the right part of the page. They write about Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and many others.

6. CryptoPanic

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CryptoPanic is a platform that gathers news from all of the top crypto websites and presents it to you in an organized and digestible manner. You can find: the time that has passed since the article has been posted, a blue indicator showing you if the article is related to a specific currency, and not on the last place — the website that the article comes from. If you don’t have the patience to cross-check between various resources, this is the perfect platform to use for aggregating news.

7. Crypto Coin News

CCN is another news website. An interesting fact is that they previously were attacked by a hacked with a DDoS attack and successfully found the hacker that initiated the attack. they occasionally post podcasts on various crypto topics.

8. NewsBTC

News BTC is similar to the first 2 sites mentioned in this article. They cover news regarding bitcoin, altcoins, crypto exchanges. They also do price forecasts for various currencies. Something that is unique in their format is that they have videos on chosen topics and also a Crypto week in review format.

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This article is written by the amazing Albena Ivanova.